Ozscents Perfume: A wide selection of elegant and youthful scents

Looking for a myriad of fragrances that may help dazzle your day?

Try these gorgeous scents for all season that suit every personality. Fragrance by my friend, Ozet Gasta, offers a wide selection of youthful and elegant perfumes with notes ranging from sweet to warm, deliciously spicy to heavenly fruity. Scents that compliment your sense of style and fashion.

Innately, we want to smell good all the time, and scents seem to be the defining factors how well we have taken care of our own hygiene. After all,  who would want to be with someone who smells terribly bad?

Scents allow us to stay fresh and desirable even during busy days. And not just freshness, fragrances somehow define our character and sense of lifestyle. It evokes class and tidiness. When a guy smells as though he has just emerge from the kitchen with an odor that reminds us of a burned rubber, he is not only tacky, but someone who seems couldn't get out of bed to take a bath. Kinda turn off right? With scents whiffing around, it can change everything.

Scents define our personality and it always makes a difference if we smell incredibly gorgeous all throughout the day. It adds  value to our well being. It pleases senses and boosts self-confidence.

There's always a fragrance of choice for everyone fits for one's lifestyle. For a simple person with a minimalist lifestyle and wants to maintain that smoothness aura of the day, try choosing the floral and fruity smell. It will not only provide youthful tones but also makes one fresh and extraordinary sweet.

Personally, I like the scent of cucumber melon because it perfectly describes my personality. I like freshness in my environment and the gentle, succulent notes of cucumber and melon set my soft mood for the day. This scent is not overly fruity but has a smell that evokes innocence. 

Ozscents Perfume selections also offer variants from the fragrance powerhouse, Bulgari, known for its gorgeous notes that manifest elegance. It is a scent of myriad contrasts and surprising harmonies, fit for people in the corporate world.

Available for men and women, each bottle of the above selections can be bought at Php300.00. These scents are long lasting because it's oil based and not alcohol based. This is similar to Eu de Parfum category of fragrances where notes stick to the skin longer than colognes.

The versatility of fragrance brings a youthful elegance and that's what makes these scent selections unforgettable and extra sweet. Be instantly transported to a potpouri garden of love and sweetness with Ozscents Perfumes selections. 

Below list shows the available variants:

For orders and inquiries, you may reach out to us by sending your message. 

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