The Intriguing Romance of Vic Zhou To The Two Hsu. Why It Ended?

Okay. So for the first time, I am posting an entertainment gossip in my blog 😂 Coz I am still in my Vic Zhou fetishes. I want to make the best of it while the feeling lasts.

Why I suddenly become "fixated" with him after all these years, is a matter of an "escape", taking off my mind from all the disappointment I felt towards life recently.

So I have to whisk off my attention to things that let me forget all the hullabaloos in my current life.

It's good to reconnect with our younger self by rehashing inspiring moments of the past to feel alive with the moments of today.

And so my fixation currently is all about Vic Zhou because he has been my obsession once 😂 Recently, I've watched two of his TV series nonstop and taking the web for latest news about him.

This year also Meteor Garden and F4 will celebrate its 20 years! Feeling old enough? 😄 Zaizai in the recent interview also revealed they might stage a reunion to mark their 20th anniversary though nothing has been discussed yet.

It's really good to reminisce all those happy times in the past when I was so smitten with him lol!

Vic Zhou

Here, I will talk wistfully about his controversial relationship with the two Hsu. Beatrice and Barbie, known as Xu Wei Lun and DaS respectively in Taiwanese had been romantically involved with Zaizai in the past. 

They are not blood related anyway.

In Chinese and Taiwanese media, Vic and Barbie are regularly addressed by their Taiwanese nicknames, Zaizai and DaS, so that's how I would call them all throughout this article.

Meteor Garden fever

Zaizai rose to fame as Hua Ze Lei in the phenomenal hit, Meteor Garden, opposite DaS, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu.

Meteor Garden season 1 was aired in Taiwan in 2001 while the season 2 was released in 2002. However, both seasons were aired in the Philippines via ABS-CBN in 2003. 

And that's how the Philippines fell in love with them. And me to Hua Ze Lei 💓 Oh, younger self how I wish I could recapture those happy times.

How Vic Zhou now?

He is fine 😂 And currently working with Danger Zone, a series he will be doing after 9-year hiatus in Taiwanese TV.

Born on June 9, 1981, Zaizai is the youngest among the main casts of Meteor Garden. He was only 20 years old when the season 1 of this idol series was made in 2001. 

Zaizai, a.k.a Vic Zhou

Since 2003, I have not heard much about this dashing Taiwanese actor and singer. However, in Taiwan and China, he has been making waves in TV, film and recording after the Meteor Garden fever. 

He was the first F4 member to release a solo album in 2002. And the busiest when it comes to acting career. Apart from Jerry Yan, who played Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden, it's Zaizai who made it big in films and TV series.

He earned numerous acting nominations in the drama series and won his Best Actor trophy in 2013 at the 48th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan for his performance in Coming Home.

Zaizai as Yin Xue in The Flame's Daughter

In 2010, he won "Most Popular Taiwanese Actor" at the 3rd Seoul International Drama Awards. 

In 2018, he earned a nomination for Best Actor at the Huading Awards in China for his role as the mysterious Yin Xue in the Chinese period drama, The Flame's Daughter.

He starred in a critically-acclaimed dark drama, MARS, opposite Barbie Hsu, in 2004. It went on to become one of the top popular drama series in Taiwan. 

He and Barbie also sang the Official Soundtrack of Mars, Rang Wo Ai Ni (Let Me Love You).

Zaizai as Chen Ling in Mars

But with his success in singing and acting comes the intrigues and controversies, well as with most high-profile celebrities, about his romance, in which two are high profile. 

Relationship with Beatrice Hsu

Beatrice, known as Xu Wei Lun in Taiwanese, did a cameo role in Meteor Garden as An xiang, though we did not really notice this character in MG. 

In fact, she and Vic did not really meet there as her scene was only brief. And she was with another actor.

Beatrice Hsu or Xu Wei Lun

They finally acquainted on the set of Love Storm, a light drama shown in Taiwan television in 2003. She played a supporting role. It also starred Ken Chu, another member of F4 known as Xi Men in Meteor Garden.

Beatrice and Zaizai in Love Storm

It was there that she and Zaizai became close. They started their romance in 2003. It was not known however if it happened during the taping of Love Storm or after.

Their relationship lasted only a year because Zaizai had a "no-relationship clause" in his talent company. 

When they broke up in 2004, Zaizai had started working in Mars, a dark drama series he co-starred with his Meteor Garden co-star, DaS.

Zaizai and DaS in Mars

However, reports emerged that the reason of their breakup was really Barbie. But none was confirmed in the media regarding this speculation.

The untimely death of Beatrice Hsu

Born on November 13, 1978, Beatrice or Wei Lun started as a model before catching the attention of TV and film producers due to her charming look and acting skill. She was also a trained musician and was very good on the piano, harp and guitar.

Wei Lun or Beatrice Hsu

She did several TV series in Taiwan after her relationship with Zaizai ended. However, it was while doing a TV project, Daughter of the Sun, that her young life tragically ended.

On January 26, 2007, while on her way to the location shooting of Daughter of the Sun, the car she was riding with her assistant, collided with a truck on Taichung stretch highway.

Wei Lun and Zaizai in Love Storm

Wei Lun sustained a fractured skull and fell into a deep coma. Two days later, she died from post-traumatic hydrocephalus because of the water-swell in her brain.

Beatrice's untimely and tragic death reportedly had a terrible blow on Zaizai, who by then already in a relationship with DaS.

Relationship with Barbie

During the popularity of Meteor Garden series, tons of fans had shipped relentlessly the Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu romance, in fact there was a club attributed to their love team called #TeamViBie. 

It did not happen as both of them had priorities then and in a relationship with different people.

Casts of Meteor Garden

In July 2005, a year after his relationship with Beatrice Hsu ended, and after the conclusion of the Mars series, Zaizai and DaS finally were into romance. Much to the delight of their fans.

Like his relationship with Beatrice, his romance with Sancai of Meteor Garden, was also high-profile and always the subject of intense public interest. 

They could barely go out without photographers or reporters or fans tailing them, which annoyed them. In a TV interview hosted by DaS sister, Zaizai revealed it was frustrating to see paparazzi telling them in the shopping malls or everywhere.

The ageless Da S also known as Barbie Hsu

DaS, who was born on October 6, 1976, was five years older than Zaizai and the oldest among the cast of Meteor Garden.

In a TV interview with DaS sister, Zazai also revealed he loved breaded porkchop and curry rice which DaS often cooked for him.

He also revealed getting serious in his relationship with DaS and marriage was often brought up in the conversation.

However, just as their fans anticipated for a happy ending, in early 2008, they announced their official breakup, Ouch! 💔

What was the cause of their breakup?

Both Zaizai and DaS kept mum on the real cause of their breakup, but there were rumors emerged on the grapevine why it ended after nearly three years.

Zaizai and DaS in Mars

Speculation #1 - Mama factor

Close friends to the couple claimed Zaizai was eager to marry DaS but when he started discussing the subject he was quickly contradicted by her mother (sort of Sarah Geronimo thing). 

Reports had it that mama Hsu had some doubts on Vic to be a good husband for her daughter. Whatever the reason behind her doubts remained unknown. 

She reportedly advised the couple to just concentrate on their career first. Marriage is just a matter of time and commitment.

DaS has not aged since her Meteor Garden days
She is an endorser of Tissot watch

This speculation was denied by Mrs. Hsu in 2008, telling the media that her daughter and Zaizai are busy with their respective careers. 

It was also revealed that DaS initiated the breakup.

Speculation #2 - Death of Beatrice Hsu

Though it was reported that the cause of Zaizai's breakup with Wei Lun was DaS, one factor attributed to his split from DaS was the untimely death of Wei Lun.

Her tragic death from a car accident in 2007 struck Zaizai deeply and he seemed started getting out of focus on the succeeding months. This resulted to a crack in his relationship with DaS.

Zaizai started focusing on his career also, ultimately neglecting DaS. And, coupled with her mama's opposition on their relationship, they thoroughly parted ways on January 4, 2008 (See? This info is very accurate, we have an exact date of their breakup 😄)

#ViBie while still dating

Speculation #3 - ZaiZai is a jealous freak

It would not take long before the press would speculate on jealousy thing as a factor of their breakup. But yeah, one common friend of the couple revealed that Zaizai was a jealous freak while in a relationship with DaS.

Zaizai and DaS while dating

He wanted her to be around with him when he is at home, or even let her watch him play video games (Oh gosh!), as long as they were together at home.

Zaizai also would not permit DaS to be with her friends. Like one occasion when this close friend phoned DaS to be with them, and she spoke in a hush-hush tone "Shhh, I can't, Vic is around".

However, I could vouch that speculation #3 was purely heresy, I mean might never be true. I have watched the interview of Zaizai (with English subtitle) with DaS sister in 2006 where he addressed about the jealousy thing. 

He said it was just a matter of teasing DaS that he would not let her go with her friends or that calls just limited into three minutes.

About the video games thing. Zaizai also revealed in that interview that they both loved playing video games and DaS influenced him to read books.

The bleak hope of reconciliation

Whatever the real cause of their breakup, one thing for sure, their parting ways sent shippers of #TeamViBie down into the spiral road of frustration. Me, one 😄 

Many fans harbored hopes they would reconcile but all hopes were dashed when in 2010, Barbie married a Chinese businessman tycoon, whom she just dated for less than two months, Wang Xiaofei, in Beijing.

DaS and husband, Wang Xiaofei

After their breakup in 2008, Zaizai became discreet with his romantic involvement, which included a saleslady and a production assistant.

Until 2012 when he admitted his relationship with actress Reen Yu, whom he met in the set of his television series, Black and White, in 2009.

Vic Zhou and wife Reen Yu

Three years later, on November 11, 2015, they got married in a civil ceremony. They welcomed a daughter in August 2016. While DaS have two children with her businessman husband.

Years later after their breakup, and even having their respective families, Zaizai and DaS are still the most popular celebrity couple in Taiwan and often came on top when fans asked who among the previous couples they wanted to see reconciled. 

Zaizai and DaS today

In real life, we know it would never happen but hopefully they will reunite in TV series or even in a film one of these days. They looked so good in Mars!

I would love to see Zaizai and Dilrama Dilmurat again in a TV series. They looked so romantic in The Flame's Daughter! They're both good-looking 💖

Meanwhile, Zaizai, who has been busy making films in China, will return to Taiwanese drama this year, 2021, via Danger Zone where he will play three complex characters.

DaS is inactive in film and TV since 2012 and has not involved in any acting projects. She is focusing in TV hosting, modeling, book publication and raising her family. 

She is currently in Taiwan while her husband is in Beijing to attend their family business.

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