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I am a writer from the Philippines. I started as a content writer/creator for internet marketers before I transitioned to blogging and book writing. I am a royal enthusiast and have done an enormous research about European monarchy.

Aspiring to become a suspense novelist, I completed my debut novel, The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy in 2017. This is now available in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle and other online bookstores and book retailers.

I have also published 'Tales of Royal Tragedies', a compilation of most intriguing stories about Europe's most famous royal houses.

A Nature lover, I like being surrounded with trees, lush greenery, lakes, mountains and thick vegetation. I love the atmosphere in the countryside and beaches and all the nature can offer.

I grew up in a small seaside town in Surigao del sur where there's nothing in the surrounding than mountains and beaches. I used to live with my family in the farm where I would see sunrise and sunset in its most dramatic forms. 

I am a travel and photography enthusiast and I love the idea of taking a long, road trip in the countryside. I have a special concern about the environment. I am strongly supporting crusades for the mother earth protection, climate change awareness and advocacy towards green living, health and wellness and protection of the animals.

Apart from traveling, another favorite moment is relaxing at home. Home is where my heart is, it's more peaceful, more quiet. I can do anything I want and I can have my own space and have plenty of time indulging on my two hobbies: Cooking and Writing.

Journal writing is a great relief, it helps me escape from the torment of everyday life in the city. It's my way of relieving stress and tension. It's an amazing sanctuary, a great hangout. It helps me get through the bad days and rough times in life. Just like nature, writing gives my soul a time to rest. 

Cooking is another thing, I love the kitchen atmosphere! I always love to cook my own meals and spend enormous time in the kitchen, experimenting recipes. I prefer whole grain food than any other varieties. I am a green tea drinker.

I earned my Master's degree in Business Administration at the Ateneo de Davao University. I was born and raised in the province of Surigao del Sur but now took up a permanent residence in the country's capital, Manila.

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