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Writing is my cup of tea! I am a lifestyle blogger and royal writer. I started as a content writer for internet marketers before I transitioned to blogging. 

I love writing! It's a great way to express myself, and share how I see the world, and how I view life. I blog about fashion trends, skincare, food, travel destinations, adventure, world royals, and just about anything that happens in my day.

I have a special interest in research and photography. I love nature and road trips, and I dream to have my own farm someday with a small house surrounded by an orchard.

I've been writing since I was 12. Back then I would re-write the movies or television dramas I watched especially if I did not like the ending 😄 I would write a script based on how I would want to end the story.

I also loved reading. When I was still in elementary school, I loved literature and fairytale books. When I was in high school I regularly wrote scripts for our school dramas. 

When I entered college I became a bookworm and would spend every vacant hour in the library just to read novels and historical books. That's when I started to develop an interest to learn more about European royals.

My first ever blog was about the Royal World.

In 2015, aspiring to become a suspense novelist, I began writing the story of The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy which I completed in 2017. 

In June 2020, during lockdown due to the pandemic, I bought a domain for my Royal World and changed it to Royal World News

I am a climate change advocate, I believe we are in a climate emergency and that the only way to help mitigate the worsening condition of the warming of the Earth's atmosphere is to have awareness of carbon footprints and global warming. 

A nature lover, I like being surrounded by trees, lush greenery, lakes, mountains, and thick vegetation. I love the atmosphere in the countryside and beaches, and all nature can offer. I have a special interest in landscape and wildlife photography.

I am a travel enthusiast and I love the idea of taking a long, road trip in the countryside. Apart from traveling, another favorite moment is relaxing at home. 

Home is where my heart is, it's more peaceful. I can do anything I want and I can have my own space and have plenty of time to indulge in my two hobbies: Cooking and Writing.

Writing is a great therapy. A peaceful healing journey. It allows everything to soften and tone down. It releases emotional burdens and helps alleviate mental stress. It helps me get through life.

One of the best ways to heal ourselves through journaling is by scribbling a letter to our younger self. It allows everything to loosen up. The experience can be cathartic. 

Cooking is another thing, I love the kitchen atmosphere! I always love to cook my own meals and spend enormous time in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes. I am a tea drinker. I prefer it over coffee and juice.

I obtained my Master's degree in Business Administration from the Ateneo de Davao University, but haven't practiced it because the opportunities that came in front of me are all in the field of literary and content creation: writing articles, digital publication, editing, and proofreading.

I am open to collaboration. Just send me a message through the Contact Us page of this site.

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