The Hugot Lines at GoodAh

At GoodAh you can find some weird quotes such as the above   

How would you take it if you're greeted with frivolous quotes, bordering hilarity, in a restaurant instead of food crew giving you a warm smile?

Shrug perhaps.

After all, you're out there looking for something to fill your growling tummy and not pressing your nose on scribbled lines that lathered with some hilarity. It was meal time after all. But not for some fun-loving folks who are easily attracted with everything trivial.

Last Friday shift (not that we are looking for something to amuse us, but a little funny thing that could spice up our monotonous morning seems a terrific treat), we originally wanted to spend lunch (it was still breakfast time actually, BPO companies have this crazy term of calling a break that divides between the eight working hours, as Lunch) at Bonchon but when we got there, every inch of the restaurant was smothered with diners so we ended up moving around, wondering where to eat. 

You know when it's still nine in the morning and most restaurants around the city walk of Eastwood are still close, the most agonizing discussion you could ever have with your dear colleagues is where to dine. You're not only raking your brain with myriad thoughts of where to go next, but also holding your breath and wishing you wouldn't go overboard with the lunch break time frame. 

Time was our enemy that day.

So after a full 15 minutes of moving back and forth, dragging our feet everywhere, blurting the same question we have previously asked ourselves, "where to eat?", we spotted GoodAh, a restaurant with some queer theme. Not only the place looked like an enclosed crimson box, its chairs had been scribbled with silly quotes as though life's complaints that haunt our day-to-day routine tailed us all the way to the restaurant. "Reserved para sa mga walang love life?", what's special with this line? Do I need to be reminded with this silliness everyday even during my lunch break? Haha! 😂😁

And so when we entered, I pretended like a silly millineal, giggling on quotes that don't matter in the long run. But it was fun. The words were attention-grabbing. Playful and humorous. And some of it speaks volume. The quotes perfectly described common reactions or responses of emotionally-induced Filipinos during gloomy days, and those who love to throw away innuendos (colloquially dubbed as "Hugot") when life is unfair. Some quotes also hit folks who love self-esteem booster lines.

If you've an oozing self confidence you may choose this chair 😆😅

GoodAh is a Filipino restaurant offering authentic Filipino cuisine and its name is pulled from the local term of expressing an intense appreciation when a certain need is exceedingly meet, "Ahhh!". This restaurant also pioneers the 25-hours/8-days a week operating schedule and also takes pride of being the first food chain in the country to concoct a term "tapsi", which has been thoroughly adopted by many eateries around the country offering short breakfast meals.

Whatever your sentiments in life, there seems to be a hugot line available 

Everything in the menu looks affordable, ideal for people with a penny-pinching habit. And selections that are so common to a local Filipino tongue. Nilagang baka, kangkong in garlic, fried bangus, sisig, etc. It feels like you're just dining at home.

We chose this set of meal

The above selections indeed satisfy one's hunger. We only spent Php150.00 each for this food sharing. Though we're quite disappointed that the set A was not available, the vegetables and the Beef Stew (nilagang baka) were enough to gratify our morning hunger pangs.

I like the vegetables, still crunchy and freshly cooked. And though I am no longer consuming meat because I've this deep-seated sympathy towards animals, and hope the world will stop killing animals for personal consumption and wild games, I appreciated the sisig and beef stew. Just the right amount of seasoning. Love the soup!

But what really amused me and the rest of my friends was the set of "hugot" lines stamped at the back of each chair. It made our day. Not only the lines sounded funny, but some seemed confrontational that pinch down to deeper senses, as though we have just bumped into our alter ego haha! 

When you're "antukin" (sleepy) you might just want to sit at the "reserved para sa mga antukin" chair. Or if you would like to pretend you're sexy and convinced yourself that indeed you're sexy even somewhere in the restaurant some might be silently protesting with your oozing self-confidence, perhaps you would not take a second look and slumped on the "reserved para sa sexy" chair. Nothing seems self-boosting in the world today than acknowledge yourself that you are sexy, never mind the mongers haha!

The sets of hugot lines reflect the theme of GoodAh restaurant - authentically Filipino that appreciates humor and fun and get together with some pinches on silliness. It also reflects the love of Filipinos to hang out and throng to restaurants with friends, just to spend trivial moments over food. Thus, the barkada set of meals is a hit. These, and the hugot lines stamped at the back of each year made this restaurant an interesting destination for fun-loving folks who appreciate jokes of all kinds and humorous punches.

Compressing ourselves 😅😁

So if you're looking for a place to spend meals with friends in Eastwood during lunch break and at the same time want to be amused with trivial quotes while waiting for your order to be served, then GoodAh is a good place for you.

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