Road Trip: Wu Lei's Sense of Adventure and Passion For The Outdoor Life

The pandemic takes a toll on my road trip hankering and traveling pursuit, and as a traveler who loves to blog about leisure trip and getaway (I ventured into vlogging just three years ago), this period is like a death sentence to my passion. 

However, seeing someone finding joy on the road, embracing a life of fun and outdoor adventure brings so much inspiration. 

Chinese heartthrob, Wu Lei, is the epitome of warmth and fun. I always feel giddy each time he smile. His bubbly personality is infectious. 

Reba and Wu Lei

Lately, I've been hooked to C-Drama. I love historical and costume series, it seems a perfect antidote to a boring life during the pandemic. 

Historical drama allows me to delve better on the life of the past, as if we're stepping back in time and enjoying the scenery of the old world. It feels great.

But it's the drama heroes that often linger in my memories long after the series done. Like there's some kind of mystery shrouding their personality. So, discovering what they're up to in real life is always awesome.

Since I am also into travel vlogging, I am easily fascinated with everything about adventure vlogs. You could just imagine how ecstatic I was when I discovered Wu Lei is also into travel vlogging. Hugs! 😄

Wu Lei's passion for cycling adventure

Wu Lei, who is also known by his English stage name Leo Wu, is a 21-year-old Chinese actor, brand endorser and commercial model. (His complete profile at the end of this article)

If you have followed his career and watched most of his film and TV series, you would surely notice his warm personality, his love for fun and his passion towards outdoor adventure.

Wu Lei and Dilireba in The Long Ballad

Very athletic with a great sense of humor, his pretty face and sexy eyes, which become endearing when he smile, are added bonus to his boy-next-door image. 

I could go back to being 16 years old giggling to a matinee idol by just staring at his cute face and gorgeous eyes 😍 His smile can really melt a fan girl's heart.

And now comes his love for adventure, his athleticism and passion for vlogging is fascinating. Isn't that awesome? 😍I find hot men sexier and cuter when they do travel vlogging. I swear.

Wu Lei on his latest cycling road trip in Qiandao Lake

Everyone loves adventure, even the most introvert person. There's something in it that fills the void in our existence. Perhaps it's the unmatched joy being in a different surrounding, discovering exciting stuff in the environment. There's always thrill whenever we are in a different place.

I love traveling, it's a great escape, and in this difficult moment of our time, nothing more wonderful and inspiring than experience life somewhere else. To a scenic village or quiet island, chilling in a lakeside or relaxing on a beach side, and just watch the world go by.

Stopping by to admire the scenic view of nature

So when I saw Wu Lei's cycling vlog, it feels like "home". It's a passion that I can relate so much because I am also into vlogging, snapping the beauty of nature and the tiny details of life, recording my discovery about the environment.

Watching him enjoying life on the road, exploring the place, wandering around, makes me wanna go back traveling again. 

I love Wu Lei's fresh disposition and warm personality, he seems a person full of life always, full of energy. 

Look at this hot boy, enjoying moments 😄

His sense of humor, funny side, passion for the outdoor life is so inspiring, it's as if the world is young again. Peaceful and full of wonders 💕

It's inspiring to see celebrities embracing a life of fun and leisure, going on real adventure, doing some ordinary stuff. It makes them look more human and relatable, more charming and lovable.

Wu Lei's recent cycling trip to a scenic countryside is just so uplifting. It makes me longed for a relaxing road trip somewhere else. 

Wu Lei during his Xiamen cycling solo adventure

The first time I watched Wu Lei's road trip on his bike was on the vlog he posted just before the premiere of The Long Ballad in March this year

It was his solo cycling trip in the Fujian province, exploring the suburban areas of Quanzhou and Xiamen where he logged 94.44 kilometers.

Wu Lei is a passionate travel vlogger

Donning his cycling gear and camera, he did a fun vlogging trip from road to road, displaying his mesmerizing athleticism and enthusiasm navigating the long bridge, and around the city where at one point he got lost, entering a dead-end street.

It was awesome watching him got confused in the road dwarfed with sky-scraping buildings, trying to figure out how to get back to the street. I guess it was in Xiamen city.

A stop over on Xiamen bridge to snap photos

His love for outdoor pursuit and sense of freedom enjoying life on his bike is such an awesome sight to behold. 

He looks so gorgeous and manly even more. I guess he's very fun to be with, making him a wonderful traveling buddy.

His humorous city adventure on his bike has so many mishaps but you could see how enthusiastic he was with the experience. 

In another scene, he dropped by in a restaurant to order a plate of vegetables but ended up having a pot of stewed vegetables. 

Wu Lei dropping by in a restaurant for a hearty meal

Such a fun watching him discovering things on the road. It's a true spirit of a passionate adventurer, someone who is not afraid to explore the unknown, discover things and enjoy the experience.

And because he was on a solo cycling trip, naturally he could not get a better snap for himself, which most solo travelers (like me at one point) can relate. 

So he called some random folks on the street to take him a picture. It was so cute, I remember my own solo travel adventure where I asked people also on the street to take a picture of me haha!

Dilireba accurately decoded Wu Le's mystery figure in Happy Camp

During one of the promotional guesting of The Long Ballad casts in the Happy Camp, Reba guessed accurately the distance he traveled (94.44 km) on that cycling trip from Quanzhou to Xiamen.  

I was so impressed with Reba's good memory and attention of details. How could she figure out exactly that Wu Lei's mystery number was about his cycling adventure? Even Lei Lei was obviously surprised. 😍

Wu Lei displayed both his enthusiasm and athleticism during his cycling trip

This June, our hot boy was off the road again. This time with some of his friends in the Men's Riding Club, taking a road trip in the scenic Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang province. 

He was, once again, very enthusiastic exploring the place, enjoying moment on the road and relishing the joy of adventure. 

Wu Lei and his riding buddies

His travel vlog displayed the beautiful scenery of Qiandao Lake and the stunning landscape of Zhejiang province. Calm, relax and tranquil. And I could sense how happy he was with that getaway.

A well-deserved adventure for a man who's been quite busy with work the past months filming, doing brand endorsements, event guesting. 

Qiandao Lake

Wu Lei's travel vlog shows the tourism wonder of Qiandao Lake, a human-made fresh water lake located in Chun'an county, Zhejiang province.

Qiandao Lake
Wu Lei and his friends stayed at one of the Thousand Lake's hotels

More than 1,000 islands dotted the lake, also known as Thousands island, the most popular are the Bird island, Monkey island, Snake island and Lock island. 

What made this island ideal for nature lover and hikers is that over 90% of the area is forested.  Plus you could get the perfect view of the placid lake, soothing to troubled senses. Now, that's something worthy to put in our travel bucket list.

Wu Lei having fun on the road

Watching this travel vlog of Wu Lei makes me dream to be on the road again, marveling at the scenic beauty of nature, exploring the undiscovered places, taking hundreds of photos and sharing to the world the story of adventure. 

It's a great breather to embrace the coolness of the environment, admire its beauty and natural colors, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

I love Wu Lei's youthful approach in life, his energy is contagious, it refreshes our view towards the current world, that it's not all about sadness, loneliness, misery and deaths. 

Life is also about fun, about happiness, about cultivating our passion, and finding joy on the things we love doing.

It inspires me to consider the outdoor pursuit again, and yes, life itself is an adventure, and we are traveling in the road of life to discover unchartered paths and enjoy the natural gift of the mother earth.

It's really awesome to see bubbly personality having fun, cracking jokes and epitomizing fresh attitude towards life like Wu Lei, it helps us to appreciate beautiful things amidst the onslaught of the pandemic.

Wu Lei and his friends relaxing on the deck of their hotel

Leo's passion for adventure and some wrong-turns during his solo trip, reminded me of my own adventure in foreign countries some years back. 

My DIY trips in Vietnam and Cambodia with two friends had some wrong-turns too. We got lost in the city, but did not feel scared because we ended up enjoying the adventure and discovering our hidden courage. 

In Cambodia's capital, we also dropped by in a small restaurant to try local dishes but we were served with a plate of strange local food. But I ended up enjoying it.

Wu Lei vlogging in Rome, Italy

Wu Lei as a travel vlogger

He is an awesome travel vlogger! I am so impressed the way he does things on camera during his trip. He really enjoys it and very passionate to tell the world about his adventure. 

I saw his vlog about Rome and Florence. Not sure when he did it but I guess it was during his photoshoot for an Italian brand.

Vlogging in Florence, Italy

He looked like a seasoned vlogger, hungry for adventure, feeling the thrill of exploring the cities. It brings back so many great memories in my mind. 

I have never been to Italy but I have been to foreign countries on a DIY trip and the excitement of being in a new place, getting immersed to local culture and observing the environment and the people always gives me a thrill and a different level of joy. So I could clearly feel how Wu Lei felt that moment.

 Watching him embracing his passion for the outdoor life, finding freedom and happiness on his road trip, and do vlogging brings some wonderful memories of a life during pre-pandemic, and those countless adventures I took.

It helps me breathe a promising life again. 

Wu Lei beach vlogging in Sri Lanka

I am excited to watch Wu Lei's next vlogging trip. I can't wait to witness him again enjoying life on the road, doing stuff he truly loved doing because that's pure joy.

Vlogging is such a fulfilling pursuit. You can watch some of my travel vlogs in my YouTube Channel, HERE

I wish things will get better in the coming days so that restrictions on travel would be eased and I could get back on the road again, exploring the environment and sharing stories about MY GOURMAND TRAVEL.

Speaking of Wu Lei, here's his profile

Real name: Wu Lei
English name: Leo Wu
Birthdate: December 26, 1999
Birthplace: Shanghai
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Education: Acting degree
School: Beijing Film Academy (where he got the highest score during admission)
Skills: Martial arts
Height: 5'11 (1.81cm)
Weight: 65 kg
Years active: 2002 - present

Wu Lei

He was discovered in 2002, just before he turned three years old and immediately casted in a TV commercial. However, it was until 2006 that he made his acting debut in film and television via The Young Warriors (TV series as the young Yang Yanzhao played by Hu Ge) and Legend of Northern Wei (film) as Tuo Baxun.

His breakthrough performance however was in the 2009 drama, Home With Aliens and Naughty Boy Xiaotao Ma where he won the 2011 Flying Apsaras Awards, the highest honor for a television series in China, for Best Young Actor at the age of 11. 

It was followed by numerous awards and recognitions in later years: Most Popular Actor, Most Promising Actor, Most Talented Idol, Rising Star of the Year, and many more.

As the handsome tribal prince, 
Ashile Sun, in The Long Ballad

Leo admits in one of his interviews that he loves online games and a certified gamer. He is a certified dog lover.

His most precious dog pet named Xiao Bei (named after his character in the drama, Cross Fire, an e-sports inspired series he co-starred with former Exo member, Lu Han), a stray dog he met during the filming of Cross Fire.

Leo likes to play basketball and excelled in martial arts. During his entrance exam at Beijing Film Academy, he performed a flawless routine of Sword dance, impressing the school authorities, giving him the highest score among examinees that year.

He is also a producer through his own studio, Wu Lei Studio, which he put up in 2017. His studio served as his agent, handling his career and endorsements. One of the short films he co-produced was "Lost In Your Eyes" in 2017, part of the Bazaar magazine charity event, and where he worked with Dilraba Dilmurat for the first time.

Wu Lei on face mask 😊

Due to his successful career as a child star, he is known in China as "Nation's Little Brother".

With the massive success of The Long Ballad, Leo increases his fan base with his fantastic performance of Ashile Sun. 

As the iconic Ashile Sun in The Long Ballad

So popular his character that netizens easily recognized him as the "bamboo shoot boyfriend", a moniker he earned as Dilraba's character, Changge's lover and protector.

Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat 

He does not have a known girlfriend at the moment, however in his past interview when asked what's his type of girl, Wu Lei reportedly said: someone with long straight hair, big eyes, slim, height between 5'5 to 5'9 and he does not mind if the girl is a bit older. 😊

His Most Notable TV/Online drama:
  • Home with Aliens (2009)
  • Naughty Boy Xiaotao Ma (2010)
  • The Young Warriors (2005) where he played the young Hu Ge
  • Nirvana in Fire (2015)
  • The Whirlwind Girl (2015)
  • The Tomb of Sea (2018)
  • Battle Through The Heavens (Fights Break Sphere) 2018
  • Guardian of the Ancient Oath (2020)
  • Cross Fire (2020)
  • The Long Ballad (2021)
  • Our Times (2021)

His Most Notable Films:

  • S.M.A.R.T Chase (2017)
  • Into The Rainbow (2017)
  • Shadow (2018) a wuxia film by Oscar-nominated director, Zhang Yimou
  • Adoring (2019)
All photos about Wu Lei here are not my own, they are snapped from his vlogs in Weibo, and other public domain sources. Credit to the original owner.

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