Skincare Review: POND'S Age Miracle Anti-Aging Night Cream

I don't have an established nightly skincare routine. Other than washing my face, I only do a facial toning. When I have enough time before my energy drains, I'll apply a vitamin facial mask.   

So apart from the usual facial wash -- alternating Celeteque scrub and Garnier's Brightening foam - and sometimes the tomato gel, I don't have a specific facial ritual comes night time.

But lately, some late-night sleep (due to my writing works), takes a toll on my skin. I began to panic seeing some facial lines lol 😄 

Choosing a skincare product that works best for my skin is quite difficult. I have sensitive skin and I've reservation about commercial brands. 

I always prefer the organic varieties, not just for skin benefits, but for the environment as well. However, I was rushing a week ago to buy one, so I picked this night cream from Ponds. 
Anti Aging Night Cream 

Anti-aging ugghh! Sounds like a ticking  bomb 😄 But seriously, hearing this stuff no longer scares me.

I've been a Ponds user since I was in college but I often got skin breakouts and ended up accumulating more pimples than achieving a glass skin.

But I've this weird faith towards Ponds that it is one of the best skincare brands in the world despite my bad experiences using its creams in the past.

This time I hope the "miracle" they promised in the description will work for my sensitive skin.

Based on its description, this cream has anti-aging benefits with 15x Retinol C and Niacinamide to boost collagen.

Let me explain the complicated terms in the product composition:

1. Retinol - It is one of the best-known skin care product ingredients and is derived from Vitamin A to treat skin concerns like premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, dark skin, and acne. It is different from the prescription retinoids, retinol is allowed in OTC (over-the-counter).

2. Niacinamide - is a form of Vitamin B-3, which is an essential nutrient and helps to treat acne and inflammation. It helps build cells in the skin while protecting it from stress and environmental pollution and toxins.

3. Collagen -  is a type of protein and the main component of connective tissues. Collagen is what keeps our skin glowing, bright, plump, and youthful. But as we age, our skin slows down the production of collagen making our skin looks mature, and fine lines and wrinkles will slowly appear.

So this night cream has all the ingredients of achieving youthful and glowing skin.

According to its product description from Beauty Hub:

Pond's Age Miracle Youthful Glow Night Cream is an anti-aging cream helps protect the skin against premature signs of aging and keep it looking and feeling young. 

In this Pond's cream, retinol is the star ingredient, containing the highest concentration of POND's most advanced technology, Retinol-C complex. It releases powerful anti-aging retinol actives into the skin, working 24 hours non-stop to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from the inside.

POND's Age Miracle night cream leaves the skin feeling youthfully radiant. With added Niacinamide, POND'S anti-aging night cream also helps strengthen the skin's protective barrier as well as brighten and even out dark sports and dullness.

It also contains 4D Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Ceramides, and Prebiotics to moisturize, plump, and restore skin while you sleep.

I'm yet to see the result lol! I just started using this product a week ago. I am not expecting a profound miracle, I just want to keep my skin plump and glowing. Hope this night cream will help.

My first impression of using this product:
  • It's non-sticky and has a matte finish, which I love so much because I don't like greasy products for a night cream as it leaves a warm feeling while lying in bed. With this product, it's so relaxing and not heavy to the skin.
  • It's actually lighter than the usual night creams from other brands. 
  • I love the smell! Very pleasing to the senses, not strong, just light, somewhat floral. 
  • It easily dries up after application because it has a matte finish, so very comfortable to the skin.
  • While using this product, I did not experience breakouts nor allergies, which had been my problems with most night creams in the past. My skin is so ultra sensitive, so I am always careful applying creams especially at night time. But with this product, I did not feel any itchiness or seeing any red spots around my face.
  • It gives my skin a good moisture and tightness.
Best Practice:

The description suggests using other POND products, like the facial wash and toner, to get the best result. 

I still have existing facial wash and toner from other brands, so I am yet to switch to the Pond's varieties. 

Before each application, wash off your face with lukewarm water and facial wash/foam. 

Pat it dry and cleanse your face and neck with facial toner, then apply this night cream in the face and neck in an upward motion.

This is a highly recommended product. 

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