I'll Surely Miss You Ge!

But this is not goodbye! Because good friends never say goodbye, they only say "keep in touch and see you soon!" 😄

Morning grind at Eastwood 

So the day has finally rolled when the temporary goodbye must be spoken. It is always uncomfortable to utter this to a colleague who is so close to you but it must, because expressing goodbye is part of human interactions.

Ge is one of my closest colleagues in the special project I am currently with. He has been my lunch buddy in the past weeks when I don't feel like going out to eat. Each moment we spent over meals was full of laughter because he is such a funny guy with good sense of humor.

He is someone I could always count on. And could make me smile during tedious days. We talked with just anything that happens in  day. And we've so much fun together since we also seated a chair apart in the production floor. 

Naturally, this separation of work location is giving me a stir deep inside. A pattern of mix  emotions is knocking me off a bit. You know, all those beautiful days when there's no one to go with during lunch break (when I bring my own lunch meal), Ge is readily available to accompany me. 

Now, things will going to change and this means a little adjustment in my part. But I am happy that I was given a chance to meet someone like him who is so easy to go with and who provides nothing but joy during the most boring day in the workplace.

I will cherish the days of fun and laughter with him and those happy moments we shared in the prod floor, blabbering just to get through the mundane days. 

Wish him well in the next journey he will take in his career. And though I know he has some hesitation taking his steps back to the old path, I still wish him happiness and satisfaction. 

I will try not to sulk with this change because separation in the workplace is inevitable and we already anticipated this event. This is the new normal we need to accept.

Good luck Ge! Continue to flourish in your career. And just get on with life even during toughest days! Hope to see you again! 😊

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