Spending My Birthday Under ECQ For Two Straight Years

So the NCR and nearby provinces have been placed under ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) again, as if we have not improved in a year! Pissed off is the word of my day.

These God-forsaken public officials, despite all the trillions debt, still struggling to come up with the best solutions to fight the spread of COVID19 in the Philippines. This despite having the world's longest community quarantine. 

This government's incompetence in handling a global crisis such as pandemic is really frustrating. For one year, what they do best is just came up with different classifications of quarantine without any progress. 

Frustrated with the government

Though I should not supposed to fret wildly over this uncertain time because I am safe and healthy, however, this inept government is really getting into my nerve. 

I am wondering what's in store again for us now that the ECQ has been extended. I mean how about the less fortunate? Those people below poverty line who are most affected? How long this agony going to last? Even myself, I am started to become impatient.

I mean seriously, how would this government solve this perennial problem in health when what they do best is just implement and develop different classifications and terms of home quarantine. 

And then we have a vindictive president whose only legacy is to rant on national TV, lashing at his opponents, criticizing those who will stand in his way. 

Oh God! Save us from this persecution.

Birthday in ECQ Season 2

So I have to spend my birthday in two straight years under ECQ rule. It's even difficult to go to the grocery since our quarantine pass is valid only three times a week and in the morning market schedule.

I only prepared two gourmet. 

Mango Cream Cake

Ziti pasta and Mango cream cake, the rest are paid/prepared by my sister.  She also bought me a bottle of wine. I really did not feel like celebrating my birthday this year.

Swooning over Vic Zhou

To whisk off my mind away from all the frustrations I felt. And to forget my angst against so many things in all aspects, I binge-watched The Flame's Daughter and the reunion TV guesting of F4.

Zaizai (Vic Zhou)

I can't believe I would become a #ZaizaiAddict once again haha! I mean, that was like ages ago when I was swooning over Hua Ze Lei of Meteor Garden and now my fixation is back! 

But yeah, it's good to feel alive again, walking through happier times, crazier moments when I was smitten with F4 and Zaizai (nickname of Vic Zhou). 

So today, I spent whole day binge-watching all his TV appearances lol! I started with The Flame's Daughter marathon, then a bit of the Love Storm, his 2003 TV series, then re-watched Mars

And then some gossiping haha! Like some of the intrigues on his past ROMANCES

Giggling with F4

Y'all I can be crazy like those fanatics of K-drama. The only difference is, I preferred the original phenomenon, the one that sets the popularity of Asianovela in the Philippines. I preferred to walk back to the time I was in my most happiest, obsessing over Meteor Garden. 

Despite the rising popularity of K-pop idols and K-drama in the Philippines, Meteor Garden and F4 are still unbeatable in terms of the level of my excitement. I mean, nothing really beats them when it comes to my fascination over Asian stars.

So my obsession is still with Zaizai  Haha! 😂

But don't get me wrong, I also love Fight For My Way of Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji-won.

So this whole afternoon of my birthday, I spent moments giggling with the F4 reunion in 2013. Like a giddy teenager again, unhinged over Asian idols 😂 

F4 reunion in 2013
From left, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu

It feels so good to realize that the magic of innocence has not lost in me. The child in me is still there. And it got even bigger today. I mean yeah, the giggling stuff is still inside of me.

It's good to unveil such thing because it makes me feel to be alive again, especially in these crazier times. Reconnecting to our younger self helps life easier and exciting.

It's really good to look back at those happier times. 

My fixation towards Zaizai helps me recapture my youthful happiness, my giddy self, the beautiful things I love in the past, and my fascination on small things. 

Getting back to my old favorites is like recapturing the highlights of my youth, the happier memories, the crazier times, the lighter moments. It helps me get through the rough days. 

F4 20th Anniversary

Yah! Feeling old enough yet? It's the 20th anniversary of Meteor Garden and the forming of the band, F4 of Vic Zhou, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu. 

This adage, time flies so fast, really hits me hard now Haha! According to Zaizai, in an interview, F4 might stage a 20th anniversary concert this year! Wooot!

Wrote myself a Poem

And this year's birthday of mine, I wrote myself a poem as a birthday gift haha!

"Springtime lets me feel alive again.
Lovely blooms painting the surroundings with contrasting hues, warm and soft, bold and plain.
It reminds me that life is a beauty of its own that needs be to cherished.
Spring is a season to see the environment blooms into its natural beauty.
Alive, warm, charming and inspiring.
At spring, flowering plants unveil the mother earth's timeless loveliness,
where the sweet-scented petals spread natural fragrance that calms the troubled minds 🌷🌼🌺
It's a season where nature looks at its loveliest, where the sight of pretty blooms seems giving me an inner peace, where prospect of a bright tomorrow seems endless.
Springtime and its lovely blooms remind me that despite these uncertain times, it feels good to be alive. Soon, things will get better.
I should never get tired of believing the promise of spring.
That tomorrow can be as brighter as the color of tulips,
can be as softer as cherry blossoms,
can be as sweet-scented like peaches
can be as warm as the morning sun
Like spring, life changes its colors that inspire dreamers".

Spring birthday in the garden

It's really good to feel the warm of springtime, it makes everything softer and calmer and brighter. And despite this terrible moment of our time, I feel less annoyed with all the muddles happening around because of the promise of spring.

Wishing for health and better days

I wish nothing today but peace of mind, good health, better days and doors of opportunities that will open. Hoping to finally find a place where I could be appreciated and where my potentials would be recognized.

Happy birthday self! 😄 

Let's get life rollin despite undergoing trials in so many levels. No one says life is easy anyway. I am confident though that I could wind off the  rough patches in life and get off unscathed. 

May the coming days be the moments of many possibilities, endless opportunities and genuine happiness. And may God grant the desires of my heart. 

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