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This is practically a lifestyle blog featuring topics ranging from fashion and skincare, food and product reviews, travel and entertainment, culture and society, self-help, and narratives about life. And anything that goes on in a day.

I love rehashing my days through writing. It allows me to taste life twice. It is also one way of de-stressing and relieving tension. 

To write is to relax. It's a great escape. A peaceful sanctuary. To write about life is a way of sharing lessons and experiences with others, with the hope of inspiring them to embrace their own vulnerabilities, acknowledge their self-worth, and find their voice and courage. 

Journal writing is one endearing hobby I regularly indulged in over the years. It's where I could speak out freely, where I could spit out the kinks in life, and helps me get through the rough days especially during trying times.  

It gives me the freedom to speak about the world, about what's there in the environment, and reasons to keep going in life despite many challenges and low points. It also allows me to think about myself,  reassess my life’s purpose, and ease the pressure of everyday life.

Writing heals. It is an effective tool for working out some emotional setbacks. It gives my soul time to rest and lets me escape the noise of life in the city. It offers comforting arms when life becomes unbearable. 

Writing allows me to taste life twice. 

As I re-read my journal entries, it tosses me back to the event where the memory transpires. It's a good feeling to be able to take a trip down memory lane. It helps me figure out what I need to change to make my life better. 

This journal serves as my online diary, not strictly on a daily basis but on some occasions when I feel the need to blab and release the pressure out of my head and confide my anxieties. 

Believe me, expressing emotions through writing is a spectacular ritual of releasing stress. Scribbling personal thoughts and sharing what’s happening in the world are some of the best mind exercises we could indulge in to de-stress. 

Thank you for visiting this site. 

Joyce R. Lamela, MBA

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