A private Wedding ceremony for Zara

Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips

Another Queen's grandchild will be marrying this July. 

Zara Phillips, the 30 year-old eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, will wed her long-time boyrfriend, Mike Tindall, a British Rugby player, this coming July 30, 2011 at Cannongate in Scotland but the ceremony is exclusive for Zara and Mike's family and closest friends only.

Amidst the report that Hello!magazine is initially pushing a financial deal with the couple for exclusive rights of their wedding photos, Buckingham Palace moved forward to prevent the deal. The British royal court was already "cheapened" by the publication of Zara's older brother, Peter Phillips's wedding to Autumn Kelly in 2008 with private photos of the royal family appeared in glossy pages of the above-mentioned magazine which the palace courtiers believed made the monarchy looked undignified.

Zara is reportedly upset, stating that she is a private individual and has the right to do whatever she wants after all she is not technically a royalty, but the palace decision is final. Though she is a granddaughter to the Queen and maintained a close relationship with the monarch, Zara did not possess any royal title as her mother, Princess Anne, maintained that all her children should not bear any royal titles to free themselves from the trappings of royalty. Thus, Zara did not receive any allowance from the Civil List and earned her income through sponsorship and endorsement as a world champion equestrianne.

Buckingham Palace already announced that no commercial photographers are allowed to enter Holyrood Palace where the private wedding reception will be held. Holyrood, a former home of Mary Queen of Scots, is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. Zara on the other hand, agreed, as she never dreamed to disappoint her grandmother.

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