Can Google+ eliminate Facebook and Twitter?

Mark Zuckerberg
He built his fortune through Facebook, a social networking site he created while still studying at Harvard University, now his business empire seemed threatened by the birth of G+

"Don't worry, Google+ won't kill Twitter and Facebook"-- according to some technology experts who have reviewed and analysed the latest project of

Since the top secret of google, about this mysterious project with a black tool bar, was revealed in public a month ago (June 2011), everybody remembered the sad plight of other social networking sites demolished by Facebook. Twitter poses no harm to Facebook since they are traversing a separate road, meaning their platforms are hugely different. But with the birth of Google+ will Facebook popularity diminish? 

According to, it probably not because Google+ focuses on systematizing information and won't "bring the world together" just like what Facebook did. 

"It's to assign social relevance to pieces of information 
from which to determine its ranking
in search" --

Sounds familiar!When Facebook became popular many said it would never eliminate Friendster, five years later, Zuckerberg proved them wrong. 

Well, the public is waiting for another "phenomenon" to appear-- if G+ really can knocked out FB from the top rank. The two have striking similarities: Wall posting, commenting, photo albums, live chat, video conferences, the "cool" button (LIKE for FB while +1 for Google+). They only differ in privacy setting and editing posts, G+ doesn't allow outside developers and no "games" at the moment--a feature which made Facebook very popular and controversial. In FB, users cannot customize and edit wall posts but in G+ all wall posts can be edited and users have an option to choose if the posts will be visible to all her/his friends or just for a particular person or group. 

G+ improved some features also which are not included in FB, like forming a CIRCLE --- here, users can create a group to organize the "Friends' list" and labelled it with FAMILY, SWEETHEART, WRITING BUDDY, CLASSMATES or anything the users wish. There's also a section called SPARKS where fresh and valuable informations around the world can be read. Users may choose a field of interest to be searched at Sparks.

The G+ is still fresh and people are still unsure what's this site is up to, others perceived this as just another platform for discussion or just like Digg---a venue for promoting products or links or simply sharing information. But as I explored the site three days ago, I can say that G+ is cool and refreshing and more exciting than FB, for one G+ partly protects users from ugly arguments because wall posts can be customized to a specific group or individual, it spares trouble from intrigue as long as users are responsible enough to moderate their actions and words.

Though at some aspects they differ (like managing and rearranging photo albums, home page and profile layouts, Facebook is still the best for these areas), in general, the two adopt the same concept--social network while Twitter is more like an information network and originally designed in a mobile platform.

It's too early to say what G+  is up to, but for sure it won't demolish either Facebook or Twitter. Each site has distinct characteristic and feature, both exciting and entertaining and each has loyal followers. Twitter is more appropriate if you are a celebrity who have stuff to update to fans, companies and news agencies which have daily news to share or if you have sites to promote. Facebook is more playful and fun appropriate for students and those who just want to hang around with friends and enjoy games and trivial things, Google+ is more professional, diverse, intricate and a bit classy. 

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