No Weekend Breather

With my thoughts floundering somewhere and my brain seems tired dissecting the complicated Quantitative Analysis, I felt like a drifter, unable to sort out last Sunday, instead of flipping pages on books for my assignment cases, I decided to go with my friends going to Ate Pearl's house for her daughter's birthday celebration.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and the sweltering heat of the sun as usual gave me an ultra discomfort feeling while riding a PUJ. But I had a great time with my friends, we laughed and shared funny stuff in life and poked fun at ourselves when we noticed that the celebration was an exclusive family affair, we appeared like ultimate "joiners", but it was fun and we spent the whole afternoon there laughing and giggling especially when ate Pearl pulled her elaborate wedding dress.  
Ate Pearl's house one Sunday afternoon with Kathy, Juvy and Roy (the one who took this shot), relaxing in the living room

And when I returned home the dread of facing the intricate case problems was there again. Oh my!hope I can really survive this semester without damaging my nervous system. This seems to be the most difficult semester I ever encountered in my entire school years since elementary, the case assignments and other school tasks are getting tougher each week, it felt like my head is ready to explode with all its complexities. All I have to do is just mollify myself that it's for my great advantage, that I am having the best training in the world, I gained so many things in life, I encountered lots of complicated theories and tried hard to work on knotty case analysis. After each class, I felt my shoulder and my head becoming so severely painful and my throat sooo dry! 
another pose after viewing ate Pearl's wedding dress, wedding photos

After meeting my classmate and working on our assignment , I went home with blurry mind, taking dinner was not a good treat, so I started typing the assignment and finished at 2:00 am. When I reported to my work five hours later, I felt like a complete zombie. For the rest of this semester, I won't expect a weekend breather any more, not even a good hearty laugh with friends at cafe houses maybe I'll have it some other time, or until this semester is finally over. For now, I will concentrate first on myself and me alone and how I would pass this subject.

To make things easier for a while, Kathy and I agreed to meet later this evening at Chiccos de Cafe to talk about business and how I could buy a personal domain to make blogging a career. I just feel tired working in a job not my liking. Maybe if everything will be settled down with blogging, I would concentrate more on writing. 

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