Breezing at Abreeza!


After squirming and heaving with the crowd during the opening of Abreeza mall yesterday, I thought I've had enough..haha!My feet and arms sored with terrible exhaustion...
Abreeza Mall davao

Oh geez! It was my first time to go to an opening day of a mall so I never had the faintest idea how terrible the environment will be, it feels like everybody in the neighborhood jam-packed to the area, we literally fidgeted in every corner of the mall, banging to one another and laughing at our silliness. When we entered the entrance area, I know what we will going to undergo inside - jiggling with the crowd - and alas! I felt the urge to pee, darn!So the first thing we asked at the reception area was the comfort room and I thought it was only at the entrance area where we have to bear several minutes standing in the long queue, the lavatory is no exemption after all. Toinkz!

While going to the Levi's boutique, we wondered why people heaved on the front door, so we moved closer and uhmm saw Jake Roxas and because I was trapped, I was not able to pose for some souvenir with him, hehe!Elvie was, haha! she moved faster than the rest of us.

We decided to bounce back to the corridor to look around, then we saw people frantically swarmed to the entertainment area, oh God so who is it again? Hmmm, Enchong Dee, okay, I am not really into this guy, so I did not force myself to dart in the middle of the crowd just to see him, I just gazed his back, hehe.
Frappuccino caramel with Whole Wheat bread croissant at Starbucks

I chose the caramel flavor because I cannot bear too much chocolate in mocha

After roaming around for nearly two hours, I felt tired mentally and physically especially watching people overflowed at every corner, but that moment I did not entertain any weariness in my system, I wanted to enjoy the rest of the day, to have fun, to satisfy my curiosity on some opulent displays, frolicking around the area with Elvie and Lea (Jerry joined us later on) while laughing, entering one boutique after another and had a great time at Acer, Samsung and Lennovo centers watching net books and savoring some hope to own one of those cute units, someday...hmmm...someday when my pocket is bulky.


Then we decided to take a little rest and try Frappuccino at Starbucks, haha! So we endured another moment of standing in a long line again. I chose caramel flavor because it is milder than mocha, I cannot bear chocolates because I am not into it anymore, aytttz!
Standing behind the life-sized poster of Piolo Pascual on our way to the cinema and food court 

We went to the Body Shop because I wanted to buy a fruity body wash but bought a Passionfruit body butter instead, it was great because the shop offered an opening sale freebies of a Shea Shower Cream which I find so fantastic and fabulous, I tried it last night (right away) and very amazed with its smooth effect, its delicate scent penetrated in my senses which relaxed my tousled spirit, I like the smooth milky lather, it made my skin so soft and glowed even more and felt like I don't need to apply lotion because the excellent effect of the shower cream is enough. Super love it!
Frolicking around the open-area of the mall leading to the food court and cinema. With Jerry and Lea Maika

Abreeza's structure is quite different from other malls in the city, it has a unique design which separated the cinema and food court from its main edifice. It has a garden in-between and the food court is positioned in an overlooking area where one can see the panoramic view of Davao city's skyline. 

At 7:00 pm, sensing our feet already numbed with fatigue, we decided to go home. We were not able to see what's inside the Robinson Department store, hehe, maybe some other time.

It was a wonderful afternoon and evening though, never mind the sweltering heat of the sun while going there and the constricted corridor of the mall due to hundreds of people, it was a terrific experience anyway, so relaxing that I momentarily forget the anxieties that kept thudding in my system for the past week.

It was a good moment of fun with my friends!

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Earlied said…
Oh dear me..we have something new to look forward to..Thanks for sharing this joyce.
Yes sir another mall..hmmm part of the Ayala Malls, slightly different from SM and NCCC..hehe. welcome sir :-)