Passionfruit Body Butter

Rich creamy texture with oh so sweet fruity scent!

That's passionfruit body butter from the Body Shop, an intensive skin moisturizer especially for people who have dull, flaky and old skin.

I love its sweet scent! It feels like I had sprinkled my body with fresh fruit juice. This body butter makes you smell like a fresh, sophisticated feminine that everybody loves. Its unique scent is so fantastic my skin feels like a bowl of fresh passionfruit. I always love body butter because it makes my skin so shiny and shimmery. With this product, my skin glowed and radiate even more.

Body butter is ideal for people who want their skin to radiate and glow even more, its milky effect protects the skin from dryness and irritation. After each application, I could feel softness and smoothness all over my skin.

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