Starbucks Frappuccino Caramel

Abreeza mall recently opened in Davao city and with it comes one outlet of world's largest coffee house, Starbucks. I and my two friends tried its Frappuccino and while they chose the mocha flavor, I decided to select Caramel because I am not comfortable with some traces of chocolate stuff that goes with mocha, it has the after-taste effect and I don't like it.
Frappuccino Caramel with Whole Wheat Croissant, an excellent combination for a perfect afternoon break

And it tastes great! Frappuccino caramel, though not familiar among coffee drinkers as they usually pick mocha or other concoctions, is so delicious and yummy,  its smoothie luscious taste is just right, not sugary nor glaze with too much cream, just a balance between sweet and milky flavor and love it. It satisfies my craving for smoothies.

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