Here's How to Earn Through Facebook's Performance Bonus Program

If you are an aspiring content creator on Facebook and want to maximize your earnings on the platform (other than creating Reels and long videos), the Performance Bonus monetization program might be what you're looking for.

However, you cannot just apply to join this monetization program because this is an invite-only program, meaning, only a select group of digital creators are invited by Meta Business (the mother company of Facebook) to participate.

Facebook Performance Bonus

BUT there's a huge possibility for everyone, including you, to get invited. As long as you have a page or public profile with a high engagement and reach. 

Continue reading to know the steps and techniques you need to follow. 

Performance Bonus Facebook

This is the email I received from Meta Business inviting me to join the program 

I just received an invite (through email) this month (second week of March) from Meta Business and within three days after onboarding to the program, I earned $250.00 (just for five posts on one page), which is a good amount for a starter! 

The minimum payout for this monetization program is $100.00, I should have paid by the time I earned $100.00 but since I changed my payout method, my earnings were put on hold until April, that's why it keeps rolling. Facebook only sends payout once a month, every 21st of the following month.

My style of posting is all about links (from my blogs) and photos of dramas and Asian celebrities with informative texts/captions - not so much about Reels and videos because I don't own original videos (except on my travel page). So my Royal World News and Asian Drama News pages are all about photo posts and blog link sharing (my own blogs).  

So if you're someone who does not like taking and posting videos, someone who doesn't have enough time to edit videos and create Reels, you can still thrive as a content creator in Facebook and earned, by posting images with informative captions based on your chosen niche.

The Performance Bonus program of Facebook is another way for content creators to earn since the Reels play bonus has been discontinued by Meta since March 2023. 

Here's my personal experience and the practices I followed to finally get invited to the Performance Bonus program:

I received a separate email invitation for my two FB pages - Royal World News and Asian Drama News. Something I did not expect. And I wondered how I got qualified lol! 

So I checked the professional dashboard of each of my two pages and analyzed the metrics. By the time I received an email invitation, the metrics of my two pages are below:

Royal World News: 

  • Followers: 15,200
  • Reach from previous 90 days: 1.0 million
  • Engagement from previous 90 days: 129,000 

Asian Drama News:

  • Followers: 6,700
  • Reach from previous 90 days: 3.4 million
  • Engagement from previous 90 days: 500,000

So it means that the number of followers never matters, what's important is how many people saw your content and find out your page, which is what the "Reach" section is all about. 

Currently, my Asian Drama page has more than 7,000 followers with 5.2 million reach.

Current performance metrics of my Asian Drama News page 

Facebook Performance Bonus

According to the guidelines of the Performance Bonus program, you have to concentrate on your page "reach" to guarantee a high earning/revenue. 

Reach is defined as the number of people who saw your post at least once. It has the most impact on earnings from the program. 

Here's how I started my pages:

1. I chose a specific niche that I am most passionate about. But honestly, I created these Facebook pages as social media platforms for my websites: Royal World News and Asian Drama Hub (to share blog post links for traffic).

I like royal topics, so royal world news is the obvious niche for me. I also like entertainment (drama industry in Asia) so a page about this niche is an easier option.

How do I get updates for each page? Tons of reading and researching! I regularly read the latest news about the world royals and the Asian entertainment. I also do research everyday about them.

I analyze the latest trending news about these topics, and check discussions online related to them to create my posts and share information. I am not just copying things, I have to create my own post to put on my blogs and pages to be more original.

Credible sources of information are very important. Facebook does not condone fake news. So for royal world news, to get authentic news updates, I followed all the official social media pages of the royal families around the world (instagram and facebook), I also check regularly their official websites to read the latest updates about their activities. I also followed global media channels to check insights and for additional information.

For Asian Drama News, I followed most Asian drama celebrities, including networks and talent agencies, on Instagram to be informed on the latest updates about their activities and projects. I read tons of information about them from credible websites and commentaries. 

However, I'm concentrating more on Chinese drama because China has its own social networking site (similar to Facebook) called Weibo where Chinese celebrities and production companies, including networks and official fans' clubs, have official pages where they regularly share information, announce and post their latest activities, upcoming projects and photos. International fans can register for free on Weibo.

2. I read and do research every day about what's going on in the Asian drama industry and the Royal World to give the freshest news and information to my followers and keep them interested to comment and read my posts. So most of them keep sharing my posts they find informative, which is how I amassed the number of engagement and reach for each of my page. 

In case you don't have a website, you can create a page based on your passion. For example - travel, sports, entertainment, fashion, food, fitness, or anything that you're passionate about. 

In case you don't want to create a page, you can simply turn on the professional mode of your profile, and begin posting topics that can attract interest from the netizens. 

3. I make sure I give people reasons to keep coming back to my page and share my posts by giving them catchy details. So I always check trending news and post something about it.

4. I am making my page active so I post daily topics that best interest my followers. Newest updates, topics that make my page unique and convincing, etcetera.

5. Commenting and interacting with other pages and groups using the profile of my page. To spread awareness of my page, I always post comments on other FB pages using my profile page instead of my personal account. It's where I gained more followers. 

So the key to have an engaging Facebook page that attracts people is to make it a source of credible information. Once the netizens find the page interesting, they will keep coming and sharing your posts. 

I've noticed that people nowadays are highly invested in dramas and films (especially Korean and Chinese dramas and celebrities) and always looking for a community where they can read interesting information about celebrities and drama projects.

Here are other useful information about this program from Meta:

The Performance bonus program is an invitation-only program that allows creators to earn money on interactions on their public Facebook posts, excluding reels and Stories.

Reels are not included because these are covered under In-Stream Ads, which is a separate monetization program.

I've read also from Facebook that beginning March 9, 2023, playback bonus on Reels has been discontinued, so content creators must find other ways how to maximize their earnings on FB, the Performance Bonus is a timely program. 

Lately, Facebook suspended the maximum limit of earnings, meaning you can earn as much as you can based on your page reach. There are other creators who earned $10,000 a month. 

My websites are earning also through the two Ad networks - Google Adsense and Monetag - I joined, but this Performance Bonus program of FB is quicker and bigger! 

The payouts on the Performance Bonus program will be based on:

1. The amount of reach, reactions, shares, and comments on eligible Facebook posts. 

Reach is defined as the number of people who saw your post at least once. It has the most significant impact on earnings from the program. 

Eligible content includes public photos, texts, live video, short- and long-form video and any other public content except for reels and Stories.

2. Only content created within 90 days of the start date of an earning period, and created after onboarding, is eligible for the program. 

Also, according to Meta, only the first 3,000 pieces of content created during each earning period are eligible for bonuses. 

3. Creators will receive invitations from an official, in-product Facebook or Meta channel, including the Facebook app, Meta Business Suite, and the Professional dashboard once qualified. 

Payouts for the program. 

1. If you’re based in the U.S., you’ll be paid once a month after you reach the minimum balance of $5. If you’re outside the United States, your minimum balance to receive payouts may vary based on the payout method you chose when you set up your account. 

2. If you chose PayPal or a local bank account (US): you’ll be paid once a month after you reach the minimum balance of $25.

3. If you choose bank or wire transfer, you’ll be paid once a month after you reach the minimum balance of $100 (I've a holding period until April 2 because I just changed my payment method so I'm yet to receive my earnings 😄).

4. If your accumulated balance is below the minimum threshold at the end of a month, it’ll be carried over to the next month until it reaches the minimum threshold for payouts.

5. Payouts are released around the 21st of every month for earnings made in the previous month. For example, earnings made in January will be paid out around February 21st.

But remember never to commit violations:

1. If your Page/profile has been flagged for posting content with limited originality, you may not be able to earn money from the Performance bonus program and/or be ineligible to participate in the bonus program during the enforcement period.

2. Under Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies, Performance bonus program participants can only monetize content that they created or were involved in the creation of, or that directly features the Performance bonus program participant. 

3. A reproduced content without meaningful enhancements (commentary, parody, creative editing, etc.) cannot be monetized.

Performance bonus program best practices

1. While there’s no single formula for success, there are some best practices to consider for the Performance bonus program. In general, creators should focus on consistently producing original content that engages their followers.

2. Make original content to drive stronger earnings and get your content seen. Original content contains your unique voice and demonstrates the unique perspective you bring to Facebook. 

3. Original content must be distinctive, engaging, and what fans prefer. Creators won’t receive strong payouts for unoriginal content, or content that they have not created. For example, a meme sourced from another creator is not original. 

4. Focus on audience reach. Reach is defined as the number of people who saw your post at least once, and it has the most impact on earnings from the program. 

5. While the Performance program pays creators for multiple forms of interaction on their posts, reach is the most influential in driving payouts as opposed to other forms of engagement, such as comments or reactions. 

6. Creators hoping to maximize their earnings from the Performance program should focus on publishing content that has meaningful reach.

7. Produce meaningful content for your followers. Meaningful refers to fans spending more time viewing the post and/or engaging with it in other ways, such as commenting or reacting. 

8. Post content consistently. The more you publish content, the more chances your post to reach a new audience. The amount of content you can post will vary depending on the amount of time you can devote to content creation. 

Aim for at least several posts per day, and monitor the impact that publishing more content has on your earnings. 

9. Post topics that have relevance for the period. For instance in Royal World News, the latest events in the royal family. Their daily activities, and breaking news. For my Asian Drama News, I usually post photos of drama stars including updates of their series or films. 

10. You need to check regularly the events in your niche, what's the new updates, and the hot topics that people want to read. It will surely drive more readers to your page.

Get to know more about the Performance Bonus Program on Facebook

The best time to start is NOW. Think of a particular topic you're passionate about and turn it into a relevant online community or social media page, then concentrate on building this page. Good luck!

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