Product Review: Garnier Bright Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask with Vitamin C

Garnier product review

I've been a Garnier user for more than a decade now. I started using the facial day cream 10 years ago but I've noticed it did not help anything. I did not get the right result for my facial skin. So I changed brands. but continued using the facial scrub and the facial wash which I like.

But then I love all Garnier products because my skin never experienced any allergies, adverse reactions, or any breakout unlike other products. So I began using its Micellar Cleansing Water with Vitamin C, and it gave me the result I desired!

Garnier product review

Lately, I started using the Yoghurt Sleeping Mask (night cream) and I love the texture of the cream, it's not greasy to the skin nor not a matte finish, so it provided my skin enough moisture while sleeping. I also love the pleasing scent!

I love how it even out the tone of my facial skin. It is also a good remedy for skin blemishes. So now, I am using the complete Garnier set for my skin regimen everyday. The facial scrub/wash, the micellar cleansing water, and the sleeping mask. 

Garnier product review

I love the result so far! It rejuvenates my skin and improves my skin tone, brighter and lighter. I love how the micellar cleansing water works on my face. The smooth bubbles feel like gentle sponges that deeply cleanse my skin. It's an ideal facial cleanser since it is free from harsh scents. I love how it works on my skin. Plus, the sleeping mask is like a milky lotion that smoothens the skin.

Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. You can try this set for your night regimen. Even during day time, I am using it (except the sleeping mask). Then apply a thin layer of sunscreen for added protection against the UV rays.

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