Here's How to Earn Through Direct Link Monetization in Monetag

Direct Link Monetag

Are you looking for a side hustle, part-time income, or a big potential earning scheme without a website? If you have a social media page (Facebook, Instagram or X, etcetera), then this is the right platform for you to earn additional income.

Monetag! It's legit. This is an Ad Network that works like Google Adsense. But unlike Google Adsense where you need to have a website, in Monetag it's not necessary. 

Applying for a Google Adsense account is so difficult to get approved nowadays. I've been a Google Adsense Publisher since 2008, back then applying for an Adsense account was easier. I was luckier then 😄. 

So, if you don't like to undergo the stressful way of creating a blog site and still want to earn through an Ad Network, then this monetization program of Monetag might be good for you.

Direct Link! This type of monetization allows you to generate your own smart link in monetag, and then get monetized by sharing the link on your social media page.

Have you noticed several pages on Facebook where they share memes or photos and then include a link that brings you to another page? Say for example Shopee or Lazada, that's what we call a landing page, and it's an example of a Direct Link monetization program of an Ad Network. 

You can earn through it.

Here's how (if you don't have a website):

1. Create an account on Monetag, you can visit HERE to open an account, it's free! Approval just takes minutes. You may indicate/include your Facebook page/profile URL.

2. To set up a smart link or direct link, go to the left portion of the page (see the below screenshot), open the "Direct Link" section, and hit "Add Direct Link" on the right part of the page. It will automatically generate a unique link.


3. Once you have your Direct Link, copy and paste the link and add "https"  like this: to make it a valid URL. You can now start sharing the link on your profile page. 

If you want to shorten the link, you may open a free account on Bitly, and have your link shortened like this:

4. Monetag will monetize your Direct Link through traffic, meaning once someone clicks the link and visits the landing page, you will start earning. Payout is through Paypal, Payoner, or Bank Transfer (depending on your threshold payout).

Good luck!

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