Snowdrift In The Summer Sky

It's a metaphor. A figure of speech. A depiction of a happy life under the shadow of confusion and silent despair. Snowdrift in the Summer Sky is a hyperbole of a cold life beneath a sunny personality. 

At some point, we all pass through a stage in life where everything is confusing, everything is so frustrating and goes to the level of enduring silent despair deep inside when outside we look so happy and funny.

But first, yes, let's talk about it literally.

Though I haven't been to a place where winter season is part of the environmental cycle, I am in a tropical country that has a severe dry season, so terrible I would see plenty summers in a year. 

However, having seen numerous summer skies in a year has never been a bothersome. It's always a blessing. A relief.

The warm glow is always a breather. Gazing at the vibrant, clear blue sky always brings delight, it makes me wonder deeply what's beyond the horizon. What's beyond the stars. 

In the afternoon when sun is about to set, I would see the sky turns poetic, with thin clouds forming like scallop hills in pink and pale orange hues over the horizon.

Always dramatic and lovely. 

The summer sky gives me reasons to be dreamy and hopeful, to feel cozy and reflective about life. That in every scene of our existence, there's a natural surrounding showing us how terrific this world to live if we go beyond its imperfection. 

Summer sky is a gift. A blessing. A beautiful phenomenon. But it's not really what this narrative is all about.

Snowdrift in the Summer Sky is a metaphor. An allegory of life in cold and silent trouble navigating through a sunny disposition. Muddled with life's goals and bewildered were to drag the steps without stepping on the potholes.

We all have snowdrifts in the summer sky. We all have this feeling of being stuck, of being sad, of feeling abandoned and rejected and confused despite having a sunny disposition. 

The bewilderment of life's options sometimes leads to a disoriented purpose. And at one point in our life, we will experience being lost and stranded.

It's not because we don't have a clear purpose. Or plans. Or realistic life goals.  Or we're simply jerks, but because we all reach a point in life where we need to face our personal battles. We need to conquer our own demons. We need to decide on something. Job, purpose, plans, passion, relationships. 


We need to sort out things what we really want in life. We need to make up our minds what is it that we really want. We became confused analyzing all of it. We became broke at some point.

But why are we often confused?

The simple answer to that is because we want to live a meaningful life, we want to make a choice, we want to decide where we are heading, we want a life that's free from overwhelming distress and misery. 

In the process of sorting out things, of figuring out what's best for us, we became confuse.

Being confused, therefore, has a purpose. It has a meaning. It means we are making rooms for improvement, for personal and professional growth, we are evaluating and assessing ourselves if we are doing the right thing, if we are on the right track in accomplishing our goals.

We are thinking where we want to fit in, and along this journey of life's discernment, we become so overwhelmed considering so many options, deciding on something.

In the process of carefully deciding what we really want, we will face a surmountable amount of, not just confusion, but troubles, despair and gloom. Eventually, it will roll sometimes into failures and disappointment. And we became feeling lost in our journey.

The process of assessing where we are in our journey and what kind of life we want to live in the future can be emotionally draining. Sometimes it takes a toll on our mental health if our mindset is not prepared to undergo a series of complex discernment. 

So we need to understand that life is a balance between success and failures, defeat and triumph, frustration and contentment, and joy and sadness. We need to keep moving and make the most of the moment and always aim for the better.

We need to remember that failures, defeat, emptiness, despair, misery, confusion, and feeling lost and broken are just snowdrifts. Part of the package of living a contented life. Without experiencing it, we would never recognize the value of something. 

So just embrace your snowdrifts in the summer sky. Like the season, it will never last, we are constantly shifting like the wind. And soon, our summer sky will really look summery with sweet-scented blooms wafting in the air.

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