Get To Know Ashley Biden-Krein, Upcoming Presidential Daughter

Ashley Biden-Krein

First daughters from superpower nations attract almost the same level of interest from the public as those glamorous European princesses. 

As children of a sitting president are often thrust in the limelight, they are sometimes subjects to intense media scrutiny, fascinated with the kind of glamour they lived.

The world is eager to know them, their credentials, what they're up to and where they hang out.

But most first daughters are extremely private, shielded by presidential security and have sheltered upbringing. 

Ivanka Trump is the exemption. Before her father became president, she was already in the limelight as a fashion model and TV personality.

Coincidentally, the last three U.S presidents before Trump have only daughters and no sons.

George Bush has twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara Bush (named after their grandmothers on both side), Bill Clinton has an only child, Chelsea, and Obama has two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

These presidential daughters were still in school when they moved to the White House so security details were extremely tight.

The new presidential daughter 

As the new president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, prepares for the transition of power, the public began throwing attention on his only daughter who will start a fabled life as the newest presidential daughter in America.  

Ashley Biden-Krein

But whether she will take a position as her father's adviser in the White House like Ivanka Trump remains to be seen. 

She's a social activist and has been involved with philantropy since out of college. She has her own clothing line aimed to eliminate income inequality in the United States. 

Born into politics 

Long before she was born, her father is already serving as U.S senator. In 1987, as her father made his first attempt in the presidency, Ashley was six and often seen carried by her older brother, Beau, in the campaign sorties. 

Ashley, 6, carried by her brother, Beau, joining their father on stage in 1987

Only Daughter

The president-elect married twice. His first wife was killed in a car crash in 1972 with their daughter, Naomi, a month after he won a seat in the U.S senate.

In 1977 he remarried to Jill Jacobs and welcomed their only child, Ashley Biden, on June 8, 1981. Thus, Ashley is Joe's second daughter.

Joe Biden and Ashley

Unlike other first daughters who took a career in business, television, or publication, Ashley chose to become a social worker and philantropist. 

She studied Cultural Anthropology at Tulane University in Louisiana, then returned to Philadelphia to earn a Master's degree in Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania.

Charitable works 

Ashley's focus is on philantropy and has been involved with many charitable organizations in Delaware.

She once served as Executive director for Delaware Center for Justice. And previously worked at Delaware Center for children and youth. 

Ashley with her parents 

In 2017, Ashley founded Livelihood, a clothing line business aimed to raise money to support community programs. 

Her organization's long-term goal is to establish income equality in the United States which has been also one of her father's political platforms.

Her clothing logo has an arrow shooting forward, a tribute to her deceased brother, Beau Biden,  who died in 2015 from brain tumor. 

In an interview, Ashley said,  "his death brought me to my knees and I have no choice but to move forward. He was my bow and I'm an arrow that needs to move forward".


In 2012, Ashley married Howard Krein, a Jewish plastic surgeon, and an assistant professor of reconstructive surgery at Thomas Jefferson University hospital.

Ashley wed Howard Krein

She met Krein in 2010 through her brother, Beau. Dr. Krein, who has a Ph.D in Biology, came from a distinguished  family of health professionals. His mother is a cardiologist at Cooper Hospital in New Jersey.

Ashley and her husband, Dr. Krein

He is also a volunteer-doctor at the International Hospital for Children and gave his free service to children in need. 

Ashley and Dr. Krein have no children yet. And just kept themselves busy on charitable works.

They were married in an interfaith ceremony in Delaware, combining Catholic rites with Jewish rites.

Following the marriage, Ashley didn't switch religion and remained a practicing Roman Catholic. 

Low Profile 

Despite being a vice presidential daughter for eight years (2008-2016), Ashley kept her life private and shun media coverage. 

Ashley and her mom, Jill

Only little information about her made known in public. She is not active in social media. She has an instagram account but private.

Ashley with her parents 

Apart from Livelihood clothing business,  she also founded Young@Art Program which aimed to develop the artwork skills of students at detention facility, selling their artworks to the community. She also teaches them of financial and business skills.

Presidential campaign 

Ashley joined her father visiting states during the campaign period. She also helped introduced her father during the Democrat convention.

Ashley and her dad

Though she started emerging in the public eye, Ashley hasn't heard publicly saying anything other than talked about her father's edge in the election in a video clip.

With her mother committed to her job as a top educator in Delaware, Ashley might step in to support her father in the White House. 

She is known for her philantropy endeavor and this interest in public service will be her great attribute to connect well with the masses. 

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