Fuchsia or Fuschia? Let's Settle The Debate. And Some Words You Might Have Been Mispronouncing All Along

For generations, people have been debating what's the correct spelling of this word that describes the complex color of hot pink or purple red. So confusing others may just want to pick less complicated color as their favorite - Pink or Red. 😂

Is it Fuchsia or Fuschia? Let's settle the debate.

Before that, let's have a round up of words that might be familiar, but you might have been mispronouncing all along.

1. Frappé
Incorrect: Frap
Correct: Fra-péi
Meaning: It's a French word that can be defined as chilled or crushed iced. A drink served with ice or frozen to a slushy consistency.

2. Genre
Incorrect: zheen-rei
Correct: zhaan-ruh
Meaning: classification of artistic composition, ex. music, literature

3. Finance
Incorrect: fi-nans
Correct: fay-nans
Meaning: Management of large amount of money

4. Faux Pas
Incorrect: fux-paz
Correct: foo-puh
Meaning: an embarrassing act or remark in public. A type of social mistakes or behavioral gaffe.

5. Porsche
Incorrect: porsh
Correct: por-shuh
Meaning: Automobile manufacturer based in Stuttgart,  Germany founded by Ferdinand Porsche

6. Nestle Cream
Incorrect: nesel krem
Correct: nest-lay kreem
Meaning: Nestle is a surname and not a common word. It's the world's number one food company based in Veyvey, Switzerland founded by Henri Nestle.

7. Kiribati
Incorrect: kee-ree-bati
Correct: kee-ree-bas
Meaning: a country in Central Pacific Ocean near Tuvalu

8. Edinburgh
Incorrect: ee-din-burg
Correct: ee-din-buh-ruh
Meaning: capital of Scotland

9. Mozzarella
Incorrect: mut-sah-re-lah
Correct: maat-suh-re-luh
Meaning: an Italian fresh cheese made from water buffalo milk

10. Framboise
Incorrect: fram-bos
Correct: fram-bwaah
Meaning: French for raspberry

11. February
Incorrect: feb-ra-ree
Correct: feb-yoo-wah-ree
Meaning: Derived from the Roman month, Februarius, in the lunar calendar. It has been spelled as febryuaris which has consonant cluster that's not allowed in modern English, or a bit confusing to utter. To resolve the dilemma, the R is removed in the pronunciation.

12. Worcestershire (as in sauce)
Incorrect: woor-seh-ster-shair
Correct: woo-ster-shir
Meaning: A savory sauce of vinegar and soy sauce originated in Worcester, England invented by chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins, the founder of Lea & Perrins company. It's one of the hardest words to pronounce because it doesn't sound like how it is spelled. Shire means an old English town.  

13. Fuchsia
Incorrect: foo-syah
Correct: fyoo-shuh
Meaning: a vivid purplish color or hot pink

Here's a word that's been confusing people for generation due to its complex spelling. 


The correct answer is FUCHSIA. It's a purplish red color or hot pink, derived from the color of the flower of a Fuchsia plant. 

FUCHSIA PLANT was discovered by the French minim monk and botanist, Charles Plumier (1646-1704) while on his third expedition to the Caribbean island. 

It was named after the 16th century German botanist and physician, LEONHEART FUCHS (1501-1566). He was most notable as an author of a book about plants and its usage as medicines which today known as herbal medicines. 

While Plumiera, the scientific name of Frangapini or temple flower, where Kalachuchi belongs, was named after Charles Plumier.

So, this settles the debate, now you can choose Fuchsia as your favorite color and even spell it confidently😀

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