9 Things That Keep Me Sane During Lockdown

Morning tea in the garden 

COVID-19 taught me a hard lesson that living in the modern world is a very costly affair. Nothing much to gain other than mental and emotional stress.

As boredom takes toll in my emotional sense due to the never-ending extension of community quarantine in the Philippines (more than two months of home quarantining is mentally stressful and emotionally draining) and the government still has no lucid plan how to control the spread of the virus in the country other than tell us to stay at home (this scheme is not enough! It would not effectively kill the virus), I scrambled to find ways how to stay sane and keep my spirit high while trapped at home.

I don't have work-from-home arrangement in my present job. I got accepted last March and supposed to start on the 23rd, unfortunately enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila was already declared a week before and mass transportation was aborted. So I was told to just wait for the return of the mass transport to report to work. Oh God! 

So each declaration of the extension of enhanced community quarantine, my energy sinks and my mind seems exploding with despair.

I hope the government will realize that we can't go on like this, it's true that everyone is in danger of being infected, the threat is still out there, but we can't be locked up for so long!

We need to work! For heaven's sake we have monthly bills and expenses to think about! The government can't even provide basic necessities other than blame each other for misappropriation of the cash aid.

This is the new normal we need to endure, the disease won't be contained unless there's a vaccine so for how long us to never work? Two years, Jesus! 

The government needs to devise a scheme that will allow us to go to work, they can't forever trap us at home!

Each day, I am trying to make things easier to keep me sane. I designed a daily plan to prevent me from cracking under mental stress. It works somehow, though it's a hell of a challenge to keep things going.

I spent less time in my personal accounts in social media and just focused in managing my pages.  News, comments and post-sharing flooding in social networking sites bring nothing good to my already mentally-exhausted mind.

Online and news noises are too much to my exhausted system so I avoided checking and scrolling my news feed and whatever is there in Facebook and Instagram.

I just minded my own life and stick to my daily routine to get through the crisis and the weariness of home quarantine.


WRITING - This occupies most of my day. It frees my mind from cracking under pressure. It allows myself to think of anything else other than the pandemic. It protects me from being stuck in the crossfire of the mad world.
Writing gives me a peace of mind. It's my solace. My quiet sanctuary. It keeps my mind busy. I have so many drafts I abandoned for years, now is the perfect time to revisit and continue writing. I have so many editing task to do for my book revision. 

BLOGGING - Yeah, in-between editing book revision and reading, I exhausted hours in a day by blogging. Since going out is not yet possible, I blog about travel plans, travel bucket list and just anything that I could think about just to update my website and facebook pages.

READING and RESEARCH - One of my favorite routines. Reading boosts wisdom and knowledge. And research expands my learning horizon. It develops my creativity and think tank skill. I think a lot and my mind is filled with so many questions about the world and life, research helps me find meaning and purpose in life.

WALK IN THE GARDEN - Sunrise, Green plants, Flowers, morning breeze. The outdoor feels. Everything about nature. It keeps me complete and grounded. It boosts my stamina and keeps my mental and emotional state healthy. There's nothing more amazing in life than see the bright sunrise and lively green plants in the garden.

SIPPING TEA - I always find a hot cup of tea therapeutic. It keeps my morning soft and beautiful. Tea keeps me going and joyful. There's something about the aroma in tea that keeps my brain alive and active/
CATS - Oh yes cats! They keep me super sane and happy. Their company helps me get through the mental stress of home quarantining. They bring joy to my day. Cats are therapeutic.

WATCHING DOCUMENTARIES - I;m not a fan of soap operas, I hate Asian dramas so each time I take a break in writing and blogging, I turn to YouTube to watch documentaries. Air tragedies, royal history, travel. It keeps me alive and hopeful that there's beautiful life somewhere else.

LONGING TO LIVE IN THE ISLAND - Now, I made up my mind, I want to retire in a remote island, away from the crazy society. I want to pack my bags and go somewhere no one knows me. Perhaps, St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. It's a perfect choice.

St. Helena

That's it. Above activities keep me sane during this terribly draining extension of Enhanced Community Quarantine in Metro Manila. Someday, I know I can live in a far-away island. 


Growing plants at home during lockdown helps a lot. It keeps boredom away. It helps alleviate stress, anxiety and worries towards a bleak future.

The sight of green plants and flowers eases mental exhaustion. It helps me calm down, allowing happy thoughts to transpire.

Home gardening helps me get through the tougher days.

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