Why Prince Andrew Is Ahead of Prince Charles

He might have stepped lower in the line of succession, currently 8th, but the Queen's favorite son is enjoying a happy, intact private family life than that of his older brother, Prince Charles, who will going to be King of England someday.

The Duke and Duchess of York outside Buckingham Palace.
With them are their daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie
and partners, Edo Mapelli Mozzi and Jack Brooksbank

For the most part of their lives, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York endured a sheer competition that came along with being royal princes whose lives are often subject to public scrutiny. The 12 years difference never much set them apart, although when they were still young boys they were on different set of companies and upbringing, they did not escape the comparison observation from royalists.

Prince Charles was born in 1948 and only 12 years later, in 1960, that his young brother, Prince Andrew came. In fact, Prince Andrew is the first child born during the reign of a British sovereign since Queen Victoria gave birth to Princess Vicky in 1841. With this age difference, Prince Charles had not seen much on the company with Andrew but more on Princess Anne who is closer to his age.

The happy and united family life of the Duke of York

But since they were the first two sons of the sovereign, comparison did not escape them. When Charles married Diana in 1981, pressure came on Andrew in later years to find a wife. It did not take long though as Sarah Ferguson had been in the company of royals since her childhood, Her father, Major Ronald Ferguson was a polo manager of Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

When Andrew and Sarah wed in 1986, the Princess of Wales finally had a friend within the royal family who could understand her and keep her company. But both couples would end in divorce soon, in the same year, 1996. As story goes on, Charles remarried in 2005, to his mistress who had been the source of Diana's misery.

In great contrast, Prince Andrew began reconnecting with his ex-wife, showing unity with their daughters on holidays and many royal events. Decades later after their much-publicized divorce, the two seemed enjoying each other's company and have not heard taking lovers for the past 10 years. Reconciliation had been speculated also but have not confirmed by the palace. The Duchess of York also went back living with Andrew at Royal Lodge, although reportedly on a separate bedroom, she also made her permanent residence their property in Switzerland, a chalet.

The better family life of Prince Andrew made him ahead of Prince Charles who will forever pose in family photos with a wife who is not the mother of his two sons and whose daughters-in-law reportedly could not get along. News recently also revealed that the relationship of William and Harry were strained due to the animosities between their wives.

The Social Class Difference

And to top it all, Andrew's daughters seemed on the better position in marriage than Charles's sons. Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank in 2018, known to be the remainder (meaning possible heir) to the Brooksbank baronetcy which is currently held by his second cousin. Baronet is the lowest hereditary rank in British nobility. 

Mr. Brooksbank, a wine merchant, shared a common ancestor with Sarah, Duchess of York, The second Earl of Leicester, Thomas Coke. Jack Brooksbank also has a great grandfather who was in direct service to the British sovereign, Sir Jack Coke, who served as a gentleman usher to King George VI and later to Queen Elizabeth II.

While Prince Andrew's eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice is engaged to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, a wealthy property developer who descended from the Italian nobility. His father is Count Alessandro Mapelli Mozzi whose family seat is the luxurious Villa Mapelli Mozzi in the province of Bergamo, Italy. Prince Andrew's daughters understood the need of marrying well.

The Prince of Wales will forever pose in family photos with a wife 
who is not the mother of his two sons, with daughters-in-law reportedly could not get along

Prince Charles's sons seemed chose a different path in marriage. Despite being closer to the throne than Andrew's daughters, they picked women from non-aristocracy, and sometimes troublesome. While still dating Prince William, Kate Middleton had been dismissively called "Lazy Kate" or Kaity Waity" for doing nothing in her life other than wait for William to propose. This was the cause, reportedly, of worry on Buckingham palace if Kate could carry the role of a wife of a working royal.

Meghan Markle is another thing. Up to these days, she is far below the standard of a wife of a British prince. The British royal family was known to detest Hollywood celebrities and even during the youthful of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, they were prohibited to take a film star girlfriend. Andrew in particular whose relationship with Coo Stark, an actress, had been the cause of worry to his parents until Prince Philip gave Andrew an ultimatum to abandon the woman.

What made Meghan an unconventional wife of a senior member of the British royal family is her status as a divorce woman, Black American is another thing. It can be recalled that King Edward VIII was forced to abdicate for taking a divorce woman and Princess Margaret was forced to renounce her relationship with Peter Townsend because he was divorced.

But perhaps it is 21st century and the stiff custom of marrying well by the British royals undergone some refurbishment. Prince Harry secured a marriage permission from her grandmother without opposition. But it was just the beginning of what was about to come. Only a year into the marriage, Ms. Markle courted controversy one after another, and the saga continued.

Until news have been coming out to the public that Charles's commoner in-laws could not get along which strained the relationship of his two sons who once were very close.

Prince Andrew Living the Life of Fairytale

Known as the Queen's favorite son, the Duke of York seemed enjoying a happy family life than his older brother. He is on a steady relationship with the mother of his children, they are embarking on a vacation together and his children chose spouses from the upper-class. And it is there where the comparison ended.

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