Supporting Global Effort of Reusing Plastic Cups to Reduce Waste

Recently, I had an opportunity to work on a case study that has something to do with Corporate Sustainability, the Triple Bottom Approach. It's a sustainability tool where companies need to create a balance accountability on people, profit and planet. Most organizations, especially the BPOs, concentrated only on the first bottom line, the profit, and failed to create a sustainable program for the environment and its resources. Which is a bit harsh and selfish.

Reusable plastic cup from Sakura Hanami

The Triple Bottom Line Approach will allow corporations to have a balance approach on its business operations, creating a sustainable program for the environment, the economy and the stakeholders. It enhances their global reputation and branding and will get better in the brand positioning.

It is through this study that I was able to learn a lot about corporate sustainability and how we can help foster this goal for a better world in the future.  After finishing the study, I am now more critical with my practices towards recycling and reusing materials. And I am advocating sustainable living through reusing plastic cups and bottles. 

Through this practice, we can help reduce plastics that go into the landfills and oceans. A popular bottling company recently launched its campaign for a world free waste by 2023 and ocean-free plastic waste by 2030. I am supporting this advocacy and goal by doing my job. I am keeping the plastic cups of milk tea and bottles of beverages to be reused at home. Most of these bottles are PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the only bottle that bears an identification code #1, which is safe to reuse.

Enjoying my morning Carrot smoothie with a reusable plastic cup

Recently, I am patronizing milk tea stores with plastic cups that can be reused at home. They deserved a support from us due to their effort to help mitigate climate change and global warming. So this morning after doing my cardio exercise routine, I made my Carrots and Honey smoothie and used Sakura Hanami milk tea cup. Let's support this global effort of reusing plastic cup to reduce waste in the environment!

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