The Myth of Cake and Valentine's Day

Me holding a small layer of peach mango symphony cake from Red Ribbon

So it's February! And with it comes a celebration that gives so much pressure to lovers and singles alike.


Because for people who have special someone, Valentine's day is a test of patience and creativity. You have to scout for some special present that's not redundant and boring or need to look for a unique dining place to bring your date. It might not be a big deal to others but since Valentine's day happens only once a year and only a day, you really want to make everything special and memorable.

For singles, well, it is pretty much given that romance escapes for a time so the endless taunting for being dateless on V-day from people who are absent when God spread common sense is always  prevalent. And it's bloody hell to endure the humiliation.

I belonged to the dateless category. And I'm used to the taunting. I have witnessed the world evolved on Valentine's day without a boyfriend ever since in my life. So it's no longer a big deal. Funny as it sounds but I have never been into a relationship. Not that I am ultra picky. But I had a very strict and conservative upbringing. So I was never close to guys while still in school. I grew up thinking men are scary so I avoided them. It's only lately that I began opening my door to friendship with guys. I've realized that I should learn to adjust and allow some possibility to take place if I want to get married. I should not be scared with men. I should not be scared with relating.

So here I am, trying to make some adjustment with my views and the way I relate to people. Trying hard to be close to a guy whom I feel comfortable talking with, fostering a communication, getting at ease with conversation. I am just starting to live. 😂

Naturally, each year, Valentine's day appears like an ordinary day to me. Other than spending dinner with friends, I have not yet internalized the meaning and impact of the celebration. In my mind, it's nothing but an opportunity to grow business.

Over the years, Valentine celebration had changed its meaning. From a formal observance on the death of St.Valentine who had sacrificed his life in the early century in the name of love, to a highly commercialized event hyped by business establishments.

Chocolates and roses, cakes and heart-shaped balloons are everywhere. And people who want to take part in the hype start to produce creative treats and presents. So this one day special event of the heart becomes a sordid business showdown rather than a day to remember those who have sacrificed in the name of undying love.

So how would you like to mark this special occasion for the hearts?

There is no specific criteria how to become romantic on the day of hearts. I think it is spontaneous and should come naturally. For those taken perhaps they want some quality time over dinner with their significant-other. Or give some sweets treats. But for someone like me who see Valentine's day as a day that always reminds me how many times I have been overlooked and rejected, the criteria is just to understand the myth of cakes on Valentine's day.

Cake and Valentine's day, how these two elements intertwined to make someone's heart feel better?

Affection is an element of love and it is associated with sweetness. The hearts speak for affection so sweets and roses become languages of love and romance that pump the heart with happiness and joy. So if you have a cake on Valentine's day, you will never feel alone.

Romance has been so elusive in my life. But it does not mean my heart never speaks for affection. It does. And in so many ways. Just like the movement of the earth it does continue to revolve despite unrequited. But Valentine's day is not just a celebration suited for lovers. It's for everyone.

Peach mango symphony

So this Valentine's day I'll buy myself a whole layer of cake haha! Now, that's a whole lot of affection for myself. For being so devoted to my principle in life, for being so passionate towards my dreams, for being so gaiety despite living alone all my life. I deserved to have a layer of cake this Valentine's day.

Peach mango symphony is so luscious and extra delectable. I am not into sweet food. I don't like chocolates and I rarely eat cake but this Valentine's day is an exemption. Perhaps, I am tired waiting for someone to cross my path and give me a cake. So why not buy myself a layer of this scrumptious cake from Red ribbon.

It is a decadent cake which has just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. Not too sugary nor to creamy. I like the fluffy whip of cream on top, it's so smooth and yummy and tastes like melted marshmallows. This Valentine's day, just like the previous years in my life, I'm still alone and dateless. But I am happy and contented with life and I'm looking forward to buy a peach mango symphony cake this February 14. And eat it too! 😋🍰

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