The Silence of the Dawn

My favorite moment of the day is when I am alone, wrap up with my own thoughts while sipping my favorite tea. And when I'm silent, I hope people will respect my desire of privacy. I don't like talking that much. I only talk when necessary, and only to the people I'm comfortable with, in the workplace or in a private chat. I like being alone. It's quieter, more peaceful. It allows some clarity to dwell in my head and enough space to think where my life is heading, my goals, my long term plans, who to be with, and how things gonna run the next day. 

So, I'm here, sitting near the window, trying to make sense with what's going on in my thoughts. It's early dawn, and I'm supposed to go to bed but I'm still awake, listening to the silence of the early morning while thinking about the tiny details of life, about the way I relate and interact with others. The interval between getting to bed and sleeping is so special. It's a moment of reflection how my day ended, how I acted, what lapses to correct. It makes the last few minutes of my conscious state smoother. It gives direction to my morning, how to respond to the challenge of the day ahead. 

So, I'm here, still in the chair, thinking about making things happen in my life. It's getting cold outside. But I'm trying to warm up my thoughts with optimism. That there's a reason for everything. Somehow, it taught me the value of waiting. I like the silence of the dawn, it clears off my mind from the noise of everyday life and gives me inner peace. A great atmosphere to reflect and write. Writing is my sanctuary, my freedom wall. It allows myself to speak without being judged, share without being criticized. And I can be myself. It's 3AM. It's time to sleep. 

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