It's Christmastime in Uptown Mall!

It's December. And it's the most wonderful time of the year once again! And with it comes the shiny shimmering surroundings everywhere in the Philippines.

Such a site to behold! We have been known to celebrate Christmas longer than anywhere in the world. Christmas decors began to come out long before November so it's not surprising that the the anticipation of a joyous holiday season is felt everyday.

In Uptown Corporate Center where the company we worked with occupies a place on the 11th floor, the environment turns into a glittery winter wonderland. Every corner is on a festive mood and everything feels so alive and glamorous.

This is indeed the season where we love to look at life in the merrier way and where the vibes of an energetic environment can be truly felt. We are enundated with so much happiness and we just want to feel the joyous moment while it lasts.

So after our Saturday overtime, my colleagues and I went around before going home, marveled at the shimmering surroundings and had a moment of fun. Once again, we felt like kids. 

It was past 4:00 in the early morning and despite of having a sleepless and tiring night, we enjoyed this little adventure and had the luxury to pose for some pictures.

This is how holiday season felt in the Philippines. Excitement grows everyday as Christmas ornaments come in multitude each day. The sparks and glitters intensify the festive mood. And helped us get through with life as if there's nothing between us but joy and fun.

Indeed, Christmas holiday is the most wonderful time of the year. It is also my favorite season of the year because it reminds me of my happy childhood in the province. Oh, Christmas memories!

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