Cosmo Skin Collagen Powdered Drink

We've been hearing a lot about collagen as a building block to youthful skin, but what is it exactly and how can we reap optimum benefits?

There are lots of variants and types of collagen supplements proliferating in the beauty market today, we need to make sure that what we are buying serves our purpose.

Collagen contains hydroxyproline, an important amino acid that gives our skin a youthful glow. It is a protein found in the body of all animals and humans. It makes up connective tissues on skin, organs, cartilage and bones.

But as we age, together with unhealthy lifestyle - smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and soda, consuming too much unsaturated fats, oily, salty and sugary food, deprivation of sleep, exposure to the sun  - our body slows down the production of collagen, therefore triggers premature aging.

To keep our skin supple, glowing, smooth, bouncy and youthful we need to counteract  environmental pollutions and the process of premature ageing by consuming healthy food, fruits, fish and vegetables. And boost the production of collagen in our body.

Studies conducted on the benefits of collagen showed promising results. Though most of it are financed by large manufacturers and there might be biases, results are authentic. Clinical trials on actual collagen supplements intake revealed that skin's structure and elasticity improved after a month of trials. Results include skin firmness, smoothness and suppleness, repairing it from signs of premature ageing like dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Before I started taking up collagen supplement two years ago, I did some research over the effectiveness of this product and the most potent variant. There are 28 types of collagen and not all of those types target skin elasticity and smoothness.

Only type 1 and type 3  address skin suppleness and structure, while type 2 targets repair of joints and cartillage tissues. So it is important to check the type of collagen supplements before buying. 

Collagen supplements are manufactured mostly from two sources: bovine (cattle), and marine (fish).  According to research studies, bovine source (cattle) is the most effective among the two since it is compatible with human tissues, therefore helps boost the production of collagen.

However, the fastest way for collagen supplement to penetrate into our body and provides the optimum benefits needed by our skin is through powdered drink. And not tablets. Why? It's because the liquid version enhances hyaluronic acid, a polysaccaride molecule that fights fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

So I made a switch, and discard tablets in favor of powdered drinks. Cosmo Skin from Watson has this collagen powdered drink variant and very ideal for budget-conscious shoppers. Only Php750.00 per box which contains six tubes, and each tube can already make three glasses.

I just started this supplement a week ago and yet to assess the result, or any improvement, but personally I am satisfied with the way this product works in my body. Since this is a powedered drink, I can take it an hour after meal just like my normal routine of drinking water. So it serves two purposes, to rehydrate and to improve my skin elasticity and suppleness.

The taste is not quite pleasing. A little offensive, and it smells like rust, but it is the benefit I am thinking and not on the taste and smell. Its texture after blending with the water is a little thick just like gelatin. It can also be mixed to fruit juice and soup as it does not alter taste.

To prepare, just pour the powder to a glass of water one hour after taking meal. Drink it twice a day to get the maximum result. One tube actually can make up three glasses.

However, keep in mind that taking the supplement does not produce a miracle result overnight. It takes time. So we need to check our lifestyle. As our body needs to absorb the collagen to get into our tissues, we should watch the food we consumed. The result always depends on and the way we take care of ourselves.

Sugary foods and other unhealthy stuff affect the production of collagen in our body. So while taking the supplement, avoid eating too much sweets - chocolates, cake, desserts, softdrinks, coffee, frappe. Avoid soda, alcoholic drinks, chips and salty food, oily and fatty foods.

Collagen supplement is most effective when it is taken with vitamin C. So while taking this supplement I am consuming also lots of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C like oranges, grapes and broccoli. It's good also to consume avocado, strawberry, watermelon and honeydew. These fruits are rich in vitamin c and amino acid while avocado and watermelon are rich in glutathione.

Will continue to update this review post for the progress of this regimen. 😉

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