Erase Organics Whitening Serum

Here's a new skincare finds that provides me with an ultra satisfying result! Erase Organics Whitening Serum. A yellowish, oil-based exfoliating liquid that provides skin with extra smoothness. 

Serums are skin products that contain active ingredients which are just right for the skin. It specifically targets specific skin problem like acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and signs of premature aging. What I love about serum is that unlike moisturizer, it doesn't contain any thickness feel.

After months of finding the right serum for my face, I found this brand and tried it weeks ago. And after just a few days of application, result is very visble right away. Felt my skin has tightened and has that extra glow, youthful glow to be specific. This beauty regimen won't cost you any financial trouble since it's just very affordable. The 20ml bottle is only Php225.00 and for serum product, this is already cheaper.

I've been to many skincare products, looking for an exact combination that can help reduce the pores but to no avail. But this product from Erase organics is just so amazing!

I like how it works in my skin. After each application, the liquid is easily absorbed and doesn't feel greasy. It dries up and doesn't irritate.

My skin is so visibly smooth, pinkish with a youthful glow. I like how it smoothens my face and how it helps minimize my facial skin pores. Ultra satisfying!

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