A Thrill of Wonder at Hello Kitty Cafe!

Dining at a cafe inspired by one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time is a real treat! Finally, after months of stalling it, had a chance to dine at Hello Kitty Cafe with one of my colleagues, Zy. Such a great fulfillment in my part because I've been thinking it for so long to try the dishes. 

The food rocks! Though quite pricey, it was worth the value of money. The dining style itself reflects sophistication. French extravagance with the goodness of pastries and lattes. Who could actually complain? The glamour and fantasy rolled into one.

I chose the creamy pink carbonara because I was stunned to hear such food. Pasta washed off by pink? Such a rare item to be overlooked. When the plate was laid in the table, I hesitated to eat the thing because the design was so dreamy I didn't want to ruin it. Haha!

Everything was so fantastic. From the interior, gold trimmings, Hello Kitty designs, the cool atmosphere, the food and the matcha latte. This café is worth for another visit!

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