Our Bohemian-themed Christmas Party

The clock chimed at 11:00 in the evening. The time where almost everyone in the neighborhood is already in bed, preparing for a long night sleep. And perhaps, had already their evening shower. But we're geared towards something jovial for the night. Our team Christmas Party finally pushed through after weeks of putting it off!

Unlike others who planned their office party as though their survival depends on it, we didn't have much time to prepare for an elaborate gathering. We're  on some pretty crazy marathon work routine the past months that conceptualizing a splendid party sounded like a strenuous idea. 

However, despite this very limited time, which left us nothing else to think other than food, we agreed to have a theme for the event. It's not a phenomenon though, but having a party theme adds zest to a monotonous gathering. 

© Photo Credit: Zy Ramirez and Yeng Constantino

We wanted to make the most of our year-ender get-together, and seize the moment of fun. So, some members of the team suggested something flamboyant and wild – Bohemian theme. Phew! Sounds odd? 

Well, at first, I cringed, because a Bohemian theme is something I always find outrageous, both in style and attitude. It is bold and unconventional. Quirky and rambunctious. Daring and fierce. As though you're on some mission to fight the ragtags. I balked. But realizing everyone already agreed, I've no other option but to conform. Haha! 

For a couple of days, I was on some serious contemplation how to make myself appear like one of the wildlings in the art world. But at the same time would not appear like a lost Medieval Viking, or a misplaced Christmas dΓ©cor. But isn’t a Bohemian thing to get lost with time and wear a wardrobe that has a busy trimming here and there?

Yes. I recognized that too.

For folks who are not familiar with this kind of fashion style, a Bohemian fashion depicts courage and playfulness. One should have a good taste of the art and creativity to pull up a Bohemian look. In other words, it requires a lot of effort to get on with the style. 

Bohemian, or Boho style, is an expression of art, a statement of lively imaginativeness. This fashion is inspired by a mix of flair and fashion taste. From vintage, to travel, to a free-spirited geek. It’s purpose is to show some expression of individuality and vibrancy through wearing fierce apparel.

The Bohemian fashion is all about choosing a playful attire. So, the fabric should be in vivid and crazy colors, fun and bright, and in vibrant floral designs, tribal prints and flowing patterns. Layers of accessories and scarves in bright colors are also an expression of a Bohemian style. The more bright and odd,the better expression of a Boho attitude .

So, it was. After rummaging my closet, looking for an electrifying floral dress, I settled with this hot pink floral pattern paired with a bold knitted red lay-over. Geez! I’ve never been so bold in my outfit, my taste in fashion is always pastel with a brush of innocence in shades and cuts.

But, yeah, I think I made a right choice. Red and busy floral patterns enhance visibility in camera shots. See, you can easily spot me among the bunch. Haha!

© Photo Credit: Ms.Rhea Mangaya

Everyone made an effort to look stunning and trendy that night. Some really stood out. Putting on some fun accessories to glam up the Boho look. Others opted for a more grounded getup but equally terrific. Well, remember that the best accessory we could ever wear is confidence. 

We’d a good laugh sharing moments how things turned pretty amusing for our chosen getup. And to cap the Bohemian panache, we spruced up the venue with cool embellishments in jaunty shades and groovy patterns. As though we're having a Flamenco night show. πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜

With Lirio, Roselyn and Tere securing Mits on both our hands. Not sure if we looked ridiculous here or just trying to appear funny but we won in this round!

© Photo Credit: Ms.Rhea Mangaya

And the other team Haha! 
With Neil, Zy, Dories, Chard and Ferds 

The real fun came when we had a set of amusing games, just like any other office parties. Some were really pretty hilarious stuff. We're only less than 15 in the team so everyone is visible and the rotation is short which made the whole thing very exciting. Not too crowded. But not dull.

As the early dawn of Thursday was breaking outside, we're not yet done for the night. We're poking fun with our comical antics, trying to mimic celebs' poster-perfect poses. Drowsiness melted away as we broke into fits of giggles. 

What a way to end the year. We brought down the house!

Not sure what we're up to here 😝😁 
We stood stoically while Tere needs help and Neil couldn't do something to save her. Meanwhile at the back, story remains. We look as though the earth had stopped rotating. πŸ˜πŸ˜ 

© Photo Credit: Ms.Rhea Mangaya

Thanks to Ms. Hazel Ong for giving each one of us a special present 

With Lirio during our exchanging gift

© Photo Credit: Daryl Ballarta
Thanks Neil for granting my wish to have this book,
Tuesdays With Morrie

We wrapped up the party with exchanging gifts and dinner. Sam Hernandez got the nod for the Best Dressed Award with her really creative ensemble, a printed floral black dress, a pair of low cut boots and a flowery headdress! Congratulation Sam!

Best Dressed Sam!

Two-and-a-half hours later we're back into normal work routine. While the rest of the Far East is still floating in dream, we're joggling with time in the prod floor, fighting to stay awake while focusing on work.  

Night shift is less glamorous. I could no longer wear my pumps and empire-cut dresses. It's so awful to wear those when everyone in the workplace is in their rubber shoes and hoodies, stuff I've not tried wearing since I started working.

But I'm slowly fitting in. Not on wearing rubber shoes and hoodies, for heaven's sake. I'm slowly fitting in with the night shift atmosphere. 

And having a team party (with cool activities) from time to time compensates the inconveniences. It's a good breather! I'm lucky also to join this great team with awesome people. It helps me get through with the stiff routine. 

Thank you amazing team! You made my 2017 worthy to remember!!

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