Is it time to hire a publicist?

I’ve not started anything yet in my book ads campaign. I’m either short of time or not specific with my time frame. Being an independent author is great. I managed my own time, no deadline to meet, no complicated routine to grapple with, no pressure meeting the demand of the publishers.

However, the downside, I will have to carry the burden of handling everything, from promotion, conceptualizing an effective ads campaign, to selling copies to the world. And this is where things really get tough to neophyte authors like me. Due to lack of networks, limited resources, I really don’t know where to start.

So, is it time to hire a publicist?

Currently, I’ve 5 books published in Amazon, none of it is doing fairly well in the sales category and list ranks in Amazon due to weak promotional campaign and lack of support from my friends. No one in my circle seems interested to buy the books except that they’ll only ask for a free copy. Oh God! 

Tales of Royal Tragedies 
The Quiz Master 

The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy trilogy 

So, I’m seriously considering now to seek a publicist help to get me through the maze of book publishing. For those interested with my books, you can search the titles in Amazon or through my author's page in Amazon. 

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