My Year 2017: Another Shot Of New Beginning

Each year brings a different story. And each story is worthy retelling.

There’s no such thing as a 'bad year'. Only odd circumstances not on our liking has overtaken our definition of a 'good year'. Each year has a different story to tell, and each story has its own highlights of ups and down. 

My story of 2017 has no funfare, in fact, nothing has change extraordinarily other than the torn pages of my journal . I still struggled with my finances. My long-decade dream of visiting Europe still looked foggy. And my plan to take a solo trip abroad still left unrealized.

But the year has some highlights to remember. Good things fell into my doorstep and I received countless blessings. Enough to say that I'd a fantastic year to reckon with. 

I started 2017 with a hopeful heart. By January, I made up my mind to return to a full-time job after writing home-based.

Boredom got into my nerve and being alone in the house for the entire day with cats and dogs was a real struggle. It  left me thinking  why I often spend my life alone. Why I can’t be with someone, why I can’t be surrounded with people. Sometimes the situation reduced me to tears.

Towards the end of February, I went to the recruitment center of the previous company I worked with but chose to apply in a different tower to explore a new skill, a new opportunity and to expand my network of friends. By March I was informed that the start date will be April. And alas! On my birthday. What a great blessing!

As the mist of the early morning of April 3 was breaking over the Metro Manila skyline, I was on my way to work. To the first day of training on my new job. Exactly on my birthday. Unsure what to expect. It’s been two years since I left the company. But I was hoping for a great transition, a wonderful beginning, and a fruitful outcome.

It was. It really was!

A week later, I was in Eastwood for the actual work with the project. And I made some adjustment with my body clock since I would be taking a mid-shift, which means I’d be coming home late every night and go to bed at early dawn. But some few weeks later, I was well-adjusted with the routine. And everything went smoothly.

                      Eastwood. With the team in the previous project I joined 

Weekends still spent in writing and editing. However, my blogging routine became sporadic,  doing it only when necessary. Eventually, I gradually became tired with the daily commute. The travel going to Eastwood was toxic because of the horrible traffic.

In May, I published the first installment of The Red StarTattoo  Conspiracy and prepared the revision of Tales of Royal Tragedies and The Quiz Master. Around this time, I was aching for an out-of-town trip because my travel blog hasn’t updated in a while and I need to go on a trip to write a new one, but there was no one to go with. Around this time, I was seriously considering of traveling solo.

 Last part of the series 

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By June, the work atmosphere in Eastwood slowly shifted into an unthinkable gear. An internal transfer of resources to another project has been ironed out by the management. And by a strange twist of fate I was included. I felt like I was standing in the middle of nowhere unable to figure out what to do between holding back and moving on.

Holding back, because I would be missing the people I became close with and I always struggled with emotional transition. I always find it hard to leave quietly without shedding tears. While struggling to cope up with the feeling of "rejection", I tried to see things differently, and in the right perspective. That moving on is necessary, because it allows change to take place. And change offers growth, personally and professionally.

While reporting to the new project in Mandaluyong, my mind still in chaos why things needed to occur in such a drastic way. I even questioned myself if I deserved the desertion. 

Weeks went on, slowly I got to accept what was laid on my table. I also recognized the fact that diversion of function in the workplace offers so many advantages. I'll be exposed to a new role, new responsibility, and this means new skill, new opportunity for professional growth. 

With the new team

By November, I became well-adjusted to the new team. By that time, we're immersed to the grueling work routine, extending beyond eight hours due to the demand of the job. I still need to return home after work. My sleeping hours were deliberately cut into just four, sometimes three. The strenuous routine, thank God, didn't take a toll on my health. Still on my excellent health, I was able to carry on despite the pressure of the circumstances.

By December, I realized I've so many reasons to be grateful with life. I was happier with my job in the new team. I like the people I got to work with. We've great moments. I became well adjusted to the new surrounding in CG1 and I like my work in the function than in the previous project. 

I also received financial blessings more than I expected, my parents are healthy and sprightly active despite being in their prime years. I'm healthy, sound and safe despite living in such a toxic city. 

To sum up my 2017, I could say it was a great year. Happiness was there. I met so many amazing and interesting people, some of them became my friends. I expanded my network through the people I encountered in the workplace. I was able to finish writing a full-length fiction novel, which had been my childhood dream.

However, just like any other story, mine has a downside too.

I wasn't able to travel, even locally. I've not updated my travel blog in a while. My plan to embark into solo traveling hasn't realized. I still don't have a nerve to do it. Not yet. 

I still struggled to find time to work on my book ads campaign online. I seem couldn't figure out where to start. So much so that I'm thinking of just hiring a publicist to work on my behalf.

From my deepest thoughts I know there are countless things I fervently wish at the beginning of the year that didn't happen at all. But those wishes are beyond my control. God's plan for my life is better than mine. I'll just patiently wait for the right moment for those wishes to come my way.

Through the years, since changing my mindset how to view life in the correct perspective, I understood pretty well the value of waiting. And as another year rolls in, I'm continue being hopeful that better things will come eventually. Because God's time is always perfect.

There's no such thing as too late. We can start at any point in our life. Just don't lose that enthusiasm to live happily. It's always in the mindset!

Happy New Year!!

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