Memorable Quotes From The Long Ballad C-Drama Series

The brightest moon in Chang'an meets the strongest wine in the grassland

We always love TV series and films that give us some kick in the gut with memorable lines and great wisdom. Rich dialogues that make the scenes unforgettable. 

The Long Ballad is the latest C-drama series that captures my fascination for a number of reasons. It has a strong female character lead. There's a handsome male lead that always dashes in the scene when our beautiful heroine is in danger. And their slow-burning romance that builds in the midst of wars is some sort of a sweetest thing we could think of in the middle of the pandemic 😄

Top-billed by two hottest C-drama celebrities today, Dilraba Dilmurat and Leo Wu (Wu Lei). The Long Ballad brings thrill and excitement in today's difficult moment of our time. And yeah, Leo Wu is so irresistible here, his sexy eyes make Ashile Sun a classic drama romantic hero that captures every girl's fantasy.

Here are some of their sweet exchange of words in the series that really bring up the fangirling mode in me:

"The moon itself is a symbol of reunion, seeing the moon in a foreign land, I think of my hometown" - Li Changge

"Some people are soft like water and they tolerate everything. But some people are like fire, they will blaze, and people who get close to them will get burnt. If you insist staying with them, you will become ash" - Ashile Sun

"In a lifetime, people around will leave one by one, to trust the new and farewell to the past, these are difficulties in life. So lucky that I met with someone I care about" - Li Changge

"Once you sincerely pursue beautiful things, they can surely be saved. Likewise, the place with family is home, the place that makes you feel secure can also be called home. There's also a happy reunion in the grassland" - Ashile Sun

"I remember when we first met, that was the saddest point of my life, I lost my families, but you showed up. Now it's also your worst moment, I will definitely not leave you. We've been through so much about life and death, and we can also face those together in the future. There are a lot of things we have not done together. There are many places we have not visited together".

"Only when the world is in peace can people live happily indeed

Plot Summary:

Changge, a Tang dynasty princess escapes the bloody Xuanwu gate incident that kills her father, the Crown Prince, brothers and mother.

To evade the pursuing palace guards who are hell-bent in capturing her after she stole the seal of the Crown Prince, now belonging to her uncle, Li Shimin, she disguises herself as a man, taking the name Li Shisi, and begins her journey to different cities in the realm to seek military aid from her father's remaining allies.

However, along the way, she encounters a handsome tribal prince, Ashile Sun (Leo Wu) who introduces himself as A'Zhun. He also disguises himself as a merchant to spy on the military activities of the imperial Tang in the key cities.

They eventually become friends. And A'Zhun becomes Li Shisi's protector who dashes in the scene each time she is in danger.

Unknown to Changge, A'Zhun is the military leader of the Eagle division, the most powerful cavalry of the Ashile tribe that houses its most elite military warriors. The tribe has been waging war against the Tang stronghold.

As she struggles to survive a hard life in the battlefield at the claws of her enemies, Changge finds comfort in the affection and protection of A'Zhun. But one day she discovers he is an enemy.

In the Shuo province, she gains the trust of the feudal officer who assigned her to lead the army against the invading Ashile tribe. However, the Shou army loses the siege, forcing its feudal officer to sacrifice himself to prevent further bloodsheds.

What makes this defeat agonizing to Changge is when she discovers the true identity of her friend A'Zhun as the powerful general of the Ashile tribe cavalry.

To keep her safe, Ashile Sun takes Changge to his camp as a slave, then later as his military strategist. Slowly, the build-up of their romance makes this series a thrilling adventure to watch.

Their strong patriotic instincts to defend their clans resulted to many heartbreaking moments as they struggle to fight for their feelings while remaining loyal to their principles.

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You can also watch the complete episodes for free in the YouTube channel of China Huace Film and TV. LINK HERE

  • Dilraba Dilmurat as Li Changge
  • Leo Wu as Ashile Sun
  • Zhao Lusi as Leyan
  • Liu Yuning as Hao Du
  • Yilun Fang as Wei Shuyu
  • Daqian Yi as Mu Jin
  • Kudousi Jiang Ainiwaer as Ashile Sher
Extra writeup:

The love chemistry between Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat is just so fantastic here. Although netizens are skeptic how they would fair considering the age difference (they have a seven-year age gap), they proved all doubts wrong when they hit it right as a romantic couple that melts viewers' hearts.

Our sweet couple 💖

Raba and Wu Lei's on-screen tandem is just so incredible. They looked perfectly match  and epitomizes what romance is all about. Fans response to their love team is so insane. Like, we can't just get enough with them.

The final episode of The Long Ballad is something of a controversy. 

Some are disappointed that our hot couple did not marry at the end and seems not in the same frame when the final scene is shown, although it was implied that they went together to the grasslands. 

However, judging from the landscape of the scene, where Changge and Ashile Sun seem retiring in the countryside and both in the wilderness at sunset, it looks like they are indeed in the grassland together, enjoying peace as they wish.

Final scene of The Long Ballad

I wish there's season 2 of this series! Less than a month after the show went off air, it's still hard to let go of the sweet romance between Ashile Sun and Li Changge. 

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