Abstaining from the Social Media

How can we resist the lure of social media? It is already part of our daily routine and it feels like something in life is missing if we cannot check one app. It is as if we are civilization behind if we can’t open Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one day.

And as the world continues to rotate in the orbit of modern technology, the social networking sites become a natural pattern. 

In fact, it is being utilized by others to connect with friends and loved ones that if they can’t search you in Facebook, they will think you’re dead.

I find it very diverting too. Checking what’s going on in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram satisfies me. I saw an extension of myself. I can talk. I can share my knowledge through posting comments. I can follow my favorite celebrities and sports personalities. I can read freshest news.

Recently, I became addicted to Twitter (It’s more peaceful than the chaotic world of Facebook) because I love it when I post a status update and no one is prying. None in my circle of friends seem active in Twitter.

It is also home to real people. I mean, yeah, world figures and popular stars utilized it to express their thoughts. 

In Twitter and Instagram, I can follow my favorite celebrities and athletes and read their daily updates. I also discovered the delight of adding arts to tweets, so I downloaded cool emojis to give life to my posts.

But moment by moment, I felt there’s something wrong with the way people treated the social media, specifically Facebook. 

Too much bragging, too much bashing, too much hates, too much annoyances, so much so that I felt my head is ready to explode with overwhelming information and nuisances.

Then my home page has been flooded lately with irksome news and status updates that thoroughly disillusioned me as it became the source of my displeasure. 

Often, I would end up my day in distraction instead of peace. As if my head is in so much chaos. Too much engagement in social media seems providing me with so many things to worry than the satisfaction I craved.

So I decided to go back to the basic, as if today is year 2010 all over again, a period where there was nothing to fuss online, where school breaks and holidays were spent in reading, writing manuscripts and playing outdoor with friends, where lunch breaks were spent in great conversation with friends rather than in online games, netflix and facebook or instagram in smartphones.

I need a break. My brain needs a space to think. My mind needs to be reset. My soul needs a moment of silence, to figure out what’s going on with my life. 

BREAK from everything. I want to recapture my lost dream, build it again and reconnect the dot of those shattered pieces.

ABSTAIN from social media. This is what I have decided after days of enduring down moments due to the news I read and the nuisances in Facebook.

Curbing a social networking sites addiction is very timely because it is lent season, a period of sacrifices, simplicity and shunning off luxury and comfort.  So I resolve to give up utilizing the social media for a time. Can this be possible? I guess yes.

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