Adding Spice to the Spike!

It’s another season of intense collegiate volleyball actions in the country as the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) has just kicked off its all new exciting season 78 volleyball tournament. 

The opening ceremony happened last January 31, 2016 with a highly charged opening action at the Filoil Flying V arena in San Juan, Metro Manila.The highlight of the starting day was a match between two powerhouse teams in the women's division, the Ateneo de Manila University and the National University.

This season will also mark the journey of the Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles to a path of a rare circumstance in sports - clenching a historic 3-peat victory. The Katipunan-based squad won back to back championships for seasons 76 and 77 and determined to grab the title for the third time.

The Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles 
with their coach, Tai Bundit. Photo credit: Leo Lopez of volleyball ph

Not just sexy and pretty girls but smart hitters too.
Maddie, Alyssa, Bea and Jho celebrating their win against NU. 
 Photo credit: Rappler

Watching the girls opened their title defense bid last Sunday, I could see how they maintained composure as a team amidst a slow run, manifesting their desire to snatch a third straight championship. The mark of a champion was evident, and after trailing behind the NU Lady Bulldogs in the first and second sets, they successfully bounced back and went on to sweep the game in 3 straight sets. 

I saw the massive improvements of two middle blockers, Bea De Leon and Maddie Madayag. Although Bea already proved her craft during the collegiate conference of the Shakey's V-League last year where she took home the second best middle blocker accolade, her swings and attacks recently developed perfectly. She can now unleash a powerful hard kill! Oh this cutie doll is simply stunning! 

Maddie is another charming hitter. She was a revelation during the opening day, she surprised everyone with her refurbished hard-hitting attacks and blocking prowess, so much so that she instantly earned a moniker, Mad-hitter. 

Alyssa Valdez, arguably the most famous female volleyball player in the country today, is always the phenomenal spiker in the Philippines, no doubt about it, she is alone in her pedestal at least for this time, and wherever spot in the court she whirls, she will surely release an atomic bomb spike. Amy Ahomiro, Jho Maraguinot and Jia Morado with Bea and Maddie, complete a picture-perfect wheel of the finest first six starters in the league. 

Unlike other teams where only 3 or 4 players out of their first six starters can pull a strong performance in every set, the first starting lineup of the Ateneo squad (Alyssa, Jho, Amy, Bea, Maddie and Jia) can deliver an awesome action right away in the first set, in fact all of them contribute in the scoring board each game. 

And well, everyone is aware that the lineup of the Ateneo women’s volleyball team is always filled with smart and pretty girls, which often left me wondering if good looks is an integral part of the recruitment process. Why Ateneo women's volleyball team is often composed of posh and beautiful girls? Someone should explain this. Haha!

The middle blockers alone, Bea De Leon and Maddie Madayag, looked like cutie Korean dolls with their lovely faces, chinky eyes and flawless skin. How could you ignore such adorable cuties making a leap over the net? The cameras love them as well, they're so charming! 

UAAP's charming mannequins.
Bea De Leon (#14) and Maddie Madayag (#17)
Massive improvements in blocking and attacks but these girls are also known with their pretty faces and bubbly personalities. Photo credit to the owner.

The Ateneo Lady Eagles are not only known with their smart playing tactics but also with their unique charm and cuteness, but what caught my attention during the opening day as they entered the court was the sexy shorts! Oh God why the design so skimpy? I thought it was only a warm-up piece.

The Lady Eagles donned a new uniform in an explosive sexy fashion. Although the top jersey almost remained the same, the shorts (or was it a cycling short?) looked hot and seductive! The girls can unleash a deadly attack, yes, but oh boy the new sexy short really rocks! It enhances their allures, they appeared even prettier and hotter inside the volleyball court. ADDING SPICE TO THE SPIKE!! 

Last Sunday, February 7, they engaged in a challenging match against the UST Golden Tigresses, they struggled in third set, but the Lady Eagles pulled up their combined skills, displaying their smartness and strong character as a team during the fourth set. They went on to win the game, posting a 20-0 run since season 76, making them a formidable team in the league! Again, the sexy shorts added some sultry attraction. :-D

What made the whole thing really attractive is that the Ateneo Lady Eagles are composed of lean, tall and magnetic girls, with creamy complexion and fantastic body tone, so whatever fabric they will don in court, expect an enthralling appearance. This new uniform is just another spicy component of their stylish and classy look in the volleyball court.

Fly high Lady Eagles! Photo credit to the owner

On February 10, 2016, Wednesday, the squad will face another strong team in the league, the FEU. But I am confident they could pull a string for a classic performance again. Their appearance last February 7 against UST was not as near as feisty as they clambered way down their usual winning moves. But the squad has always been known with their highly intensified teamwork, and after making several adjustments, the Lady Eagles soared high, shutting off the door on UST to claim the fourth set and their second straight win for this season. 

This Wednesday, the ladies will once again show their winning form and I am wishing them all the best for this match. However, I am wondering if they will still wear the same uniform or will have another alternate design? I noticed, they wore the same jersey in two successive outings :-D and oh, the chic plum footwear of the girls also pulls attention.

More exciting volleyball actions from these gorgeous ladies as the tournament continues! I am hoping they can sweep the elimination round again. It might not be as easy as sprinting over the net as all teams have been stepping up, eager to knock them off from the top position but I know they can wind off the obstacles. Considering their strong character as a team, their resilience and ability to bounce back from a slow run and their burning desire to achieve a 3-peat victory, this clean sweep hope is not far behind. 

Shine Lady Eagles, fly high!

I have just finished writing a book, my debut novel, and already pitched literary agents in the US to represent this project to book publishers. I am dedicating this book to the Ateneo Lady Eagles. Although the story is far from being sporty as it follows a suspense genre, some of the names of the characters honored the Lady Eagles. 

The heroine's name, Isabel Beatriz, is attributed to Bea De Leon, while the name of Alyssa takes one of the interesting characters that will shape the thrill in the story. And Maddie's name also appears. Can't wait for this book to be published traditionally!

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