My Idea of a Perfect Christmas?

Is to spend it with you! And so goes the song of Jose Mari Chan...

Honestly, I want to spend it with family, my own family, I want to have a heartwarming Christmas celebration at home with lots of laughter, sharing stories, preparing food, singing along with traditional Christmas songs that are as old as the story of fairytale, initiating an enduring Christmas tradition that will last a lifetime.

May this earnest wish will finally come true next Christmas...and next...and next! Ahhhh wishes, wishes!

Just as the clock stroke at Christmas eve, I spent the entire early dawn surfing the net to see how other families celebrate Christmas on the other side of the universe. I landed at Jolly Mom's site and read her family's tradition of having "12 Days of Christmas Activities" So sweet and wonderful because the tradition is being shared with her family: her husband and two children. Isn't that exciting and romantic?

This Christmas tradition idea is so exciting it makes the waiting for the most wonderful time of the year more amazing and warmth and full of love and great anticipation.

My idea of 12 Days of Christmas Activities maybe might go something like these:

Day 1 - December 13: Bake goodies like customized cookies, cupcakes, muffins, scones
Day 2 - December 14: If it will fall on weekends, maybe watch movies together or go for a concert
Day 3 - December 15: Cook meals together, experiment recipes that are so unique
Day 4 - December 16: Sketch something comical or meaningful for each other
Day 5 - December 17: Dedicate a book, a song, read together, listen to the songs
Day 6 - December 18: Road trip to somewhere else, the the country side, something closest to nature
Day 7 - December 19: Try hard to compose a poem for each other
Day 8 - December 20: Gather around the Christmas tree and share stories in childhood at Christmas
Day 9 - December 21: Pajama party in the house
Day 10 - December 22: Family game night
Day 11 - December 23: Go out and give gifts to less fortunate in the street
Day 12 - December 24: Surprise each other with unique gift(s), gather in the living room, share meals

I always value family gatherings and reunion especially at Christmastime, there's nothing more amazing and fulfilling than to spend Christmas with family.

What's your idea of a perfect Christmas? You may share it here by posting your comment. Merry Christmas everyone!


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