Christmas Morning 2014!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! So how's your Christmas morning out there guys?

My Christmas morning is so quiet here, but the environment is so beautiful, soothing air, bright morning sunshine.

I just wake up now. I have only three hours of sleep. I was wide awake the whole night of December 24 up to this early morning of Christmas day. I went to bed only at 7:00 (3 hours ago). I just could not believe it! My first time to do such thing. In the past, after sharing noche buena with my family or even friends, I would go to bed at 2:00 in the morning.

Last night was a different one. I was busy working on many things, listening to Christmas songs and caroling in the neighborhood, and lots of pondering moments. But no reason to grieve and be sad anyway.

While figuring out how to edit the html of the post date to make it visible (I am undergoing a coding adventure right now!), I am musing pensively. It's another Christmas day. I am yet to cook my meals this morning and it's nearing lunch! 

I am all alone here with nobody and nothing but our 11 cats as companions and some fruits to munch. But I am not moping! I am very thankful and grateful for witnessing another Christmas day, life itself is a gift that is worthy to be cherished and appreciated and everyday exemplifies new beginning. I am used of living alone anyway and quite comfortable with it but I am hoping my next Christmas would be a different one.

I am very excited with our Vietnam and Cambodia travel this January 1 and this alone is already a precious gift from God.

Asking what I received this Christmas? No tangible gifts, except the two lipsticks given by my friend, Prissie Dela Torre, who came from Dubai. Other than these beauty finds, I did not receive anything. But it's not important. I am not a child anymore. I do appreciate beautiful things that happened to me for this year and I am always grateful with the new people I met and encountered and the opportunity to spend quality time with long lost friends.

Christmas is always an opportunity to appreciate the best things in life and to recognize God' gifts.


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