Nosey Parker

Someone is prying in my blog. And whatever the purpose -- accidental, coincidence, or deliberately intentional -- is something I don't care but I am hoping the purpose is out to generate information or read my sharing and learned from it and not to fish out controversies and spread vicious talks.

There's a huge difference between reading to learn from the post and be informed or just spread intrigues, you will go down to the level of a rubbish blether. 

To the readers of this blog: This site is public and if ever you have a problem with the topics I posted here, whether you may find it too offensive, foul or ruthless, you are free to express your thoughts in the comment section, I am encouraging everyone also to send me a message through the Contact page of this site so that I can address it properly and can explain what's this site is all about, don't channel it to a third party and then hide under your mother's skirt.

Furthermore, if you still have trouble understanding the purpose of this blog, you may read the "About this site" page and check the TERMS OF USE

This is my sacred journaling space, this is my hang out especially when things become to maddening and tormenting, I hide here and confided all my thoughts and let the emotions flow because that's what a journal or diary is all about.

The effect of mongering without directly reaching out to the site's owner is somewhat offensive to bloggers because it connotes something --- suppressing freedom of speech/expressing personal views and feelings. And that's horribly alarming in a country that values democracy. This is not North Korea isn't it?

If a certain post intrigued you but could not find any name somewhere in the post if it gravely points to someone, the most ethical way is to reach out to the one who posted it and ask for clarification instead of discussing it elsewhere, it suggests impropriety on your part as you are merely speculating. 

Life in the metropolis is already full of clutters and the more I will focus my gaze in the computer screen, the more difficult my days would become. So I always find ways how to get through the nutty days and loosen up. Others chose to chill somewhere, I chose to just hang in my online journal because I find it more relieving and liberating, I could let nasty things flow out from my system, releasing my mind from burden and stress. But I never do it at the expense of others and never fire a direct attack that could damage someone's reputation. I always maintained secrecy in all my posts by not dropping names, it's one of the stern policies imposed by Google to all its verified publishers and I am strictly observing it.  

I never use this space to malign or get back at someone subjectively. I am trying as much as I could to be fair with my words and expressions, however, there are times that I can be monstrous or totally ballistic and can spit uncomfortable words when provoked or the severe thoughts of being demeaned would get on the way but hardly towards a specific person, I always speak in general terms and let my emotions flow.

I have a stubborn streak that is a fact maybe because I have this own principle and concept about life, views how everything should be treated and understood, because I value my individuality. I can be fierce with my opinion because I value my freedom of speaking what's on my mind. So as long as I never malign someone arrogantly nor mention a single name then I don't see reasons why others would irk up. If you bark then you are guilty.

But I never feel sorry just because I blurted words out of context or something had blown out of a proportion. It's the statement of the true story that occurs in a day and I am damn if I would censor it.

Again, this is not North Korea.

However, no situation could ever prevent me from expressing my opinions and what's deep inside. This is my blog and as long as I am abiding with the terms and conditions, policies and rules imposed by my hosting company, that is Google, and paid the package of my domain, I don't have issue with anyone.

I do appreciate criticism from readers, everyone is free to post comments here, you can even send me a private message through this site if there is anything you want to clarify. I will address it properly. Just be on the right platform and everything will be fine.

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