God's Message....

Today is the first Monday of the Advent season! Surprisingly, I became so emotional.

What's with those sentimental thoughts that suddenly rambled in my head? Hardly worries about the future or concerns on what-might-occur the next day, but purely out of a sudden reaction to something. Sometimes, when you think of hazy thoughts or everything might fall apart, a human instinct of want-to-keep-holding-on sort of drama surprisingly springs from nowhere even for no reason at all.

Suddenly, I felt I am losing my grip. Suddenly, I felt I might lose someone, I might lose something I considered precious and valuable that I felt like crying out of desperation. So absurd, absolutely ridiculous things.

Why mixed reactions?

What' the point of overreacting? I am jut assuming things anyway, but something deep inside had throbbed. I am afraid everything would be changed, everything would never be the same again. 
But life is terrific, magic happens and everyday is a fresh beginning. Graces from heaven are abundant and prayers are powerful.

I know God has His own way of creating miracles, that He is so good, that He listens to every prayer. So I tried darting my mind to positivism. That everything will still be normal and smooth and exciting.

So rather spend each moment entertaining self-defeating thoughts, why not divert focus to wonderful things in life and appreciate the beauty of the Universe and recognize God's goodness?

So today, God wants me to know that....I can never go wrong with Faith, that His time is always perfect. That everything happens for a specific reason, absolutely wonderful reasons for God's plan is always better than ours.


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