Fashion Finds!

Who would not want to look fabulous? 

Every woman of this generation has her own fashion sense and style and her own definition how to look good, it's not just about vanity but more on freedom, independence and taking care of one's self, it's an expression of being a woman, boosting confidence. Personally, I believe that the best and most attractive accessory that a woman can wear is self-confidence and one way of boosting it is to appear stylish and dignified. 

But to look stylish and fabulous, one does not need to spend a fortune on high end fashion brands, or imitate celebrities on their trendy outfit and lifestyle, fashion is always a personal choice so as long as it best suited to one's personality.

I love to wear dresses and I prefer soft pastel colored outfit than the dark ones but sometimes I would experiment on dark and electric shades to have some variation. I like the empire cut dresses and blouses. I never tried peplum though it looks fabulous, I just feel it never suited in my body shape because I have a short torso. Peplum for me is best suited for girls who are slender and have a long torso.

I am not fond of wearing make up and the only color in my face is around the eye shade as I love wearing green eye shadow. I prefer lip gloss over lipstick.

Aside from bags and dresses, I am obsessed with shoes! But because I am a wise spender and shop when necessary and according to my priority, I rarely buy one, I shop around my budget and if it won't fit at a certain period then I would not cheat my budget plan.

Lately, finally, after so many years of planning to buy a pair of pump shoes, I was able to fit it on my budget for November. A pair of pump shoes is a little bit expensive compared to other foot wear styles due to the elevated padding on the front edge of the shoes. I looked carefully where to shop until decided to visit Landmark in Trinoma. 

With so many brands offering pump shoes with surging prices, I found myself so stuck between choosing the affordable one and sticking with my fashion choice. After two hours of checking what brand to choose I settled with Anika brand, both fashionable and affordable :-D 

However, my ultra-favorite pair of pump shoes is the nude shade. I became fascinated with this style after seeing Kate Middleton wore the LK Bennett nude patent pump shoes on several occasions. 

I bought a patent nude shoes but not the pump style, just a flat front with half-inch heels. Nude pump shoes remain my dream and still on my wish list.

Look how fabulous! (above photos) Patent nude pump shoes. I like wearing skin tone outfit (both dress and foot wear) because it is so soft to look at and really matches the complexion of my skin. It feels like I don't need extra effort to appear stylish, the skin tone shade itself exemplifies fashion and style.

The true expression of being an independent woman is to make her own choices,  develop her own sense of style and feel comfortable with the fashion she chooses. It's not about what other people think, it's about the amount of self-confidence it provides.


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