Afternoon Tea Break!

Oh I love Green Tea!

But I am taking it moderately because it still contains caffeine. I just drink when necessary like if I want to boost my energy in the morning or if my meal consists of oily/creamy stuff. I prefer Green Tea than coffee, I like its bitter taste and the aroma of herbs plus its health benefits. Though most health practitioners never actually confirm the beneficial effects of drinking Green Tea, there are several research studies that already provide promising results of Green Tea to human' body.

Green Tea in a Green Mug
Perfect combination!
Thanks to Arman Esmas for giving me this ultra nice Green Mug!

Green Tea has a lesser content of caffeine compared to coffee because of the way it is prepared, applying the technique that slows down the oxidation process, thus, retaining the antioxidants in the tea leaves. Green Tea contains catechin, an antioxidant known to protect humans from chronic illnesses. This beverage also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Personally, it's Green Tea I often relied when I have headache or fever.

Healthy weekends!
Whole Wheat Pancake with vitamilk and Oaties milk

Every weekend, while working on my sites and manuscript writing, an afternoon tea break is always part of my routine. I would bake pastries or pancakes. My favorite is Whole Wheat pancake because it's a lot healthier. And it makes my afternoon weekend extremely fulfilling!

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