This LOVE!

Have you ever in a situation where everything seems confusing, daunting and exciting?

One minute you're moping because destiny is so cruel and unfair, the next thing you felt like floating in the air because some inspiring thoughts hit your brain. Yeah, hardly adolescent stuff!


So many things lodged inside my, savings, budget, weather, traveling abroad, mapping goals, switching career, emotions..oh emotions!

When I should be learned lessons not to dwell too much on emotions because most of the time it never gets me anywhere and most of the time I am prone of just assuming things wrongly. But feelings are good, life is beautiful and moments are precious. I don't want to waste my time agonizing over why circumstances are treating me bad. Life offers us option to be happy and to be sad, it's up to us what to choose.

And I will choose to be happy and relish every moment of this-feel-good-moment because life is happening now and not tomorrow.

Today is just another quiet, beautiful day. I am enjoying this moment before another week will consume my energy.

So while composing words for this entry, I made some blog walking first at Bianca Gonzales's site (yes, she is a blogger too!) and read a very interesting post...about well, THIS IS LOVE, taken from the ad campaign of Nike....

I've never been into any relationship before, but there were times in the past that I got to fall in love also but it did not take any farther and did not go beyond the "assuming things" stage, it halted before it even started with reasons I barely understood.

Bianca said love makes her feel invincible, makes her happy, gives her peace and makes her glow...I am not sure if she is referring to the ad campaign of Nike haha!


This love makes me to bounce in excitement...

When you're in love you feel like you can do anything and everything because someone inspired you to get on with so many things. And when you think about love you cannot help but draw a little smile in your face every now and then which makes you appear like a little stupid, people who will see you chuckle alone think you're insane.

This love gives me peace and serenity...

Because that someone seems like a dreamy halo, partly bright, partly shadow, unsure if everything will really come true. But the amount of inspiration and joy given is so tremendous I momentarily forget that the world is in chaos, and I see and feel only peace and serenity.

This Love makes me to dream big things!

Because having someone feels like completing the puzzle of your existence, it is always inspiring to dream big things, dreams that might never happen, still you wanna go on wishing things might come true because the feeling makes you wanna go on with life despite uncertainties and worries.

This Love, oh this Love...


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