Reunion with Colleagues

Had a quick reunion last Sunday, November 16, with former University colleagues: Shiela and Mitzi. They'd dropped by to meet us before their flight to Hongkong for their holiday trip. We met them (with another former University colleague, Rowena, who's also now based in Manila) at Glorietta and had an instant bonding at Greenbelt and Landmark.

 With Rowena, Shiela and Mitzi

It's always relieving to see good old friends, sharing laughter and conversation over food, and enjoying each moment, recalling our days together working in the same university and sharing our new experiences in different working surroundings after our comfortable life in the university.

Having a good time at Greenbelt
 Lunchtime at Yoshinoya Glorietta

We worked in an environment where employees had a beautiful bonding and close relationship with each other and having moved to a working place with a slightly different culture is a little bit uncomfortable. But we're both happy with the move and quite thankful with all the blessings that came with it.

We're food buddies back in Davao and would easily agree where to go after office hours, so our quick meeting last Nov 16 was a moment of reminiscing our past escapades on restaurants and food hunting! After staying a year in Manila, my former colleagues in the University are still the same people I would love to spend my spare time talking, maybe because, we already knew each other and no need to pretend and discover what we don't like or what pleases us.
Oriental cravings! I love oriental cuisine especially Japanese food!
Sticking to my favorites haha! Green Tea Juice and California Maki

We separated ways at 3:30pm, Shiela and Mitzi went back to their hotel to pick their luggage as they need to travel to airport by 4:00pm.While Rowena and I just stayed in Landmark and waited for the 4:30pm Holy Spirit Mass.


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