It's LOVE when?

  • You wake up on the right side of the bed. Feeling elated as if some sort of an invisible springboard lifts you up.
  • All of a sudden you understand why all your friends are settling down.
  • You are restless and eager to find out what's happening on the other side of the world -- that's him. :-P
  • Little things about that person which seem insignificant to others but appear to be very fascinating to you.
  • You understand the value of waiting because you simply don't want anybody else.
  • You see the silver lining of the grayest clouds as really silver and not gray.

But love is not some sort of a shooting star that can be easily seen way up high nor a floating bubble that can be chased even if it will blow off the moment we catch it. 

Love is vague. Love is a quest. Some may find it too early in life while others are destined to wait for a lifetime. True love waits according to books but we cannot find love in a book! We want something real but how it can be so real when life itself provided us a false hope? 

But we just got to keep on believing because God's time is always perfect.


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