Have you THANK Someone Today?

Life offers so many chances to appreciate the goodness in the environment, maybe it is God’s way of reminding everyone that despite the dread and madness of the modern society, there are still plenty of reasons to be grateful, to be happy and to celebrate, because the world has not totally gone mad. Amazing people often filled and made it up for us.

It’s always fulfilling to see and feel the generosity of life through other people’s kindness. It makes everything so wonderful, so terrific, as if the whole world is perfectly aligned. It abates stress and lessens the gravity of tension that’s been hovering around.  

I am always touched with an act of kindness, no matter how trivial it is, because it always makes me feel greatly valued. And when thoughtfulness comes from the people whom I never expected I could still meet in my lifetime journey, it makes the whole package of generosity more special, more heartwarming. Felt like I won something from the lottery :-P They are huge, huge people whose humbleness encompasses everything.

Oh yes, Life indeed is like a box of Chocolate. Because we never know what we can really get!

Haha! Remember this memorable adage from the hilarious movie, Forrest Gump? Yeah, it was so real. I love that movie because it taught me how to believe in things, how to believe in the transformation of life. 
And just today, got that “box of goodness”, and it's not simple, it's so extraordinary, so touching!

Tom, Axl and Arman
(Photo: with permission from Axl :-D)
Hello amazing people! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness

Ever wondered how it transformed me? Yeah, because these lovely items are stark reminders how my concept of everything sometimes can be so uncanny.

Still confused? Here:

  • Call me weird, but I don’t eat chocolates that much because it makes my brain swirls a little bit,  but when I got those tempting assorted sweets, my eyes popped with so much excitement like a school girl who got her first set of Disney toys, and,  yeah munched it as if there's no tomorrow. And oh, my brain did not swirl :-P  Soooo comforting!!!
  •  I hate New York, that city that never sleeps which I find a little repulsive haha! I always thought it is home to every crime in the world. But when I found out about CENTRAL PARK it changes my views about the Big Apple, it is not after all some sort of a ragtag community. The Green Mug printed with what could have been the irony of everything"I love NY" is so cute and the green color  signifies my devotion to nature and all those amazing green plants. Soooo sweet!!!
  • Okay, did I say, I hate New York? Haha! Not totally, one of the historical symbols of the United States that I truly admired is the Statue of Liberty because it symbolizes freedom and you know I love everything about France :-P. I know that Statue of Liberty (named after Libertas, the Greek goddess of Freedom) was a gift of France to the United States in the late 19th century. And this cute magnetic Statue of Liberty is one of the monumental souvenirs I've been wishing to receive. Soooo delightful!!!
See? The lovely goodies and souvenirs I received brought magic and transformed life!

Thank you Axl, Tom and Arman! You're so fantastic! May God forever shower you with so many graces from heaven and may you continue to live a life full of graciousness to be the blessings to others. Though I only know the two of you through audio and haven't met yet, I know you have so much goodness in your heart. And far from a distance, across the ocean, separated by continents, your kindness reverberates. I am eternally grateful.

Thank you!!!!! 

Alright! Dear readers it's your turn, guess each item given by each of these fine gentlemen in the world. I'll offer interesting prizes for those who can guess correctly. This is part of the long-running 7th anniversary special of my personal blog!

I'll announce more surprises for this anniversary special in my next post. You may join our FB community and hit the LIKE button to receive up-to-date announcement. Thanks again!


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