Daily Facial and Body Care

Honestly, I am a little vain.

I always make it a point to do my nightly routine of pampering my face with some beauty regimen products before retiring to bed - no matter how exhausted I am.

I just feel that the best compliment I can give to myself to end a tiring day is to take care of my skin. It's not out of vanity, I just want to feel good about myself.

Everyone is thinking that thing anyway - feeling good about one's self - because it's the best confidence booster. It's nice to go out the next day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

When I was still in Davao, I would love to visit a derm clinic to undergo a Collagen facial mask, now in Manila, haven't done it yet, still finding enough time to get back to this quarterly routine. But everyday, I am so particular of taking care of everything, to protect my skin from premature ageing and blemishes.

I only used products that I believe have optimum benefits and can really take care my skin. I am more particular with the harmful effects of the chemical ingredients so I often spent several hours, standing in the shelves of a supermarket to check on the labels.

I am wary of parabens - that dangerous chemicals (other research studies revealed it can even caused cancer) used as preservatives in all cosmetics - but I can't avoid it even if I wanted to because all commercially-produced cosmetics have it.

So what I always did is just to compensate the harmful chemical ingredients by using organic skincare products and eat healthy foods! 

Everyday, I make it a point to eat fruits and nuts rich in powerful antioxidants--- Grapes, Kiwi, Almond - to provide my body with necessary nutrients to fight the unhealthy elements and to strengthen my immune system. I always drink Green Tea too because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties (than coffee) and known to contain the highest form of antioxidants derived from plants - Polyphenol and Catechin - that may protect the body from the threat of chronic illnesses.

Here, sharing with you my daily pampering skincare routine. I am not fond of applying masks at night - you know those messy mudpacks - because my skin is so sensitive so I just stick to the old-fashioned skin toner to remove deep seated dirt.

1. Facial Toner - This is one of the most basic beauty routines. As environmental pollution has become more intense everyday making our skin so dull, dry and old, a facial toner at night time is a must. I used the Human Nature Balancing Toner because it is made from pure lemon which is more ideal because my skin is so oily. I've also come to believe that Human Nature skincare products are all organic with no harmful chemical ingredients. I love this facial toner because it feels like dead cells of my skin are being gently scraped by the fresh lemon. There's a smell of the goodness of a freshly squeeze lemon juice.

2. Nivea Body Milk and Repair Lotion - I prefer this body milk variant of Nivea because it contains the triple combinations of Camu-camu and Acerola cherry extracts which are both Vitamin C components that strengthen skin and protect body cells.

3. Olay Total Effects Body Wash - I love its creamy effect, it maintains the suppleness of my skin even if I won't put substantial amount of lotion. I also noticed that my skin never accumulates fine lines since using this body wash. My skin maintains its youthful glow and light tone.

4. Garnier Facial Scrub Pure Action - Okay, my skin is on the oily side of the spectrum so I need to take extra care with its surface otherwise my face will never be out of supply of those annoying and self-esteem damaging acne and pimples. It had been my perennial problems since a teenager and even reaching the young-adult stage. I'd tried so many experiments until I used this product. It is a mild scrub and its micro beads are soothing, so it is safe for daily use.

5. Sunblock from Beauche - I've been using beauche products for 6 years now and I am very contented with its result. At night time I would alternately apply the brand's exfoliating cream and rejuvenating cream but could never do it religiously because I'm too tired and too sleepy to complete the requirements of a 15-minute gap. But during the day before leaving the house, I always make it a point to apply the Age Eraser cream because this is the sunblock variant of the product. Sunblock, according to dermatologists, is the most basic skincare that people should apply due to the harsh effects of the UV radiation. Even if we are not expose to the sun, lighting inside the office has UVR, thus, a sunblock, or sunscreen as others would call it, is pretty necessary. UVR damages the skin and escalates premature ageing, wrinkles, and may trigger cancer.

6. Johnson and Johnson Lotion - Oh yeah! I am a certified Johnson and Johnson baby! I grew up using their products and even up to now I am still using some of those lines, like the milk body wash  and soap (using it alternately with Olay), loose powder and lotion. I love its tender and soft smell, very relaxing to the senses. I am using everyday the pink variant of JnJ lotion because I am working in a winter land hehe! Joke. The workplace is soooo fiercely cold which made my skin dry towards the middle of the morning and all through out afternoon so I am bringing this pink lotion to soothe my skin and prevent it from drying and because I also love its smell, it made me transport to my childhood days hehe!

Alright! Those are the best products I am using everyday. Hope you learned something from me how to take care of your skin.


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