Belated Happy Birthday Rowie!!

OMG! This post is like ages haha! Wasn't able to create this entry on Rowie's natal day (Oct 17) because I was busy polishing my royal book for publication. Anyway, it is better late than never! 

Belated Happy Birthday to my long time friend, former university colleague, best travel buddy, coolest confidante in life, Rowie Tagaan!

So many things to say about this lovely girl, so many wonderful traits she possessed worthy to be highlighted in this blog post. Anyone who would become her friend would be totally grateful of how amazing she is!

I am so lucky to be one of her best friends in life. I am so pampered with so much kindness, generosity and attention! There's no exact amount of words to describe how fortunate I am to be part of her inner circle of friends, she has the purest of heart ever.

We've been through lots of things, shared so many "concerns" regarding the future, undergone  confrontations-sort-of-stuff in life, you know that thing when you have some hormonal imbalances haha! Confusing episodes that made us think why and why things could never be realized based on how we wanted it to be, but then at the end of the day, we would end up laughing and would shrug those worries as, well, passing moments just like all things in this world.

It's crazy to think how our destiny becomes so parallel!

Striking anytime, anywhere that would catch our fancy

and sometimes doing silly and childish stuff together

I have so many things to be thankful to Rowie, not just for her extraordinary generosity but for the encouragement, influence and inspiration she provided in journeying to the corporate world. Maybe if not for her, I am still struggling elsewhere, forever stuck in school and figuring out what's on the other side of life.

For all the good times, support, generous presence when I badly needed it, free meals, and other freebies haha! And for the constant companion you provided, thank you so much kiat na ya! Hope we could go elsewhere and experience life to the fullest, explore unknown territories with out any fear of getting lost and learn and discover fantastic places!

More travel moments and more girly talks! hehe! Cheers to a happy life ahead! 

May you will be blessed with so many wonderful stuff in life especially the things that your heart truly desires. Belated Happy Birthday ya!!!!

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Anonymous said…
Awwww thank u ya f0r the sweet and kind w0rds .... im super t0uched. Ure 0ne crazy, kiat, talented, smart lady. Imh0n0red t0 be ur frnd! Luv u. S0ar high, as in high en0ugh t0 reach nj. Hehe
Joyce Lamela said…
Ahak! Hahahaha, welcome kiat...let's go to Vietnam for the holidays and celebrate life haha!