Kinks in Life

My favorite moment of the day is during weekends, in the afternoon at 4:30 when the weather is calm and the sun is no longer harsh. I would stay in the backyard, play with kittens and watch the trees as its leaves gently rustle under the caress of the soft afternoon air. Then I would throw my glance at the vivid skyline, stretching my stare as far as I could and see those magical white dots.

But beyond these shimmering lines of the dramatic horizon I know it’s not what I always wanted to see. It’s not what I am looking for. The blue horizon can be magical, soothing and provides relief, but it never constituents complete fulfillment. There seems to be always missing, that big hole that needs to be filled in.

The more I find ways to hurl the kinks in life, the more it grows like huge balloons ready to burst out. Though I am lucky in some ways and grateful with how a part of my existence is running, I am often find myself stuck in-between and cannot help but think why at times life can be so unfair.

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