Disgusting Power Trippers

Life offers a balance of torment and fun, maybe it's a way of reminding us that life never stops in one corner that from time to time we have to move around, find our place where we could fit in and live a kind of existence we always wanted and not based on how others viewed us. We should never live based on someone's expectation, we will be drowned with its complexities. 

It's a beautiful journey, it evolves continuously and we're stupid if we are just contented with what's being offered at the moment. We have to seize it while it's there, but it does not mean we have to stop chasing our dreams and the quest of fulfillment. 

Life is a work in progress, opportunities are eternal, therefore, we will not limit ourselves to what's being there because there are lots of beautiful things waiting to be discovered. Life is an adventure remember? And we are here to enjoy the exploits. 

I don't want to limit myself in a place where I know I would never attain the kind of fulfillment I am dreaming. I want to find my niche, I know it's just somewhere, all I have to do is continue chasing it. 

Sometimes, there are moments in a day where I would really wanna escape to loosen up and avoid all the noises, irritation and angst. It's very toxic to always encounter these scenes. I'm very tired dealing with irrational, rude people. I might not be able to stretch my patience.

The most agonizing part of the day is being surrounded with bloody tyrants, rude and cruel people whose main job in life is to do power tripping. Oh God why these people exist? They should be sent to the battle ground of ISIS to teach them a hard lesson.

Power trippers are emotional vampires who are extraordinarily disgusting, physically and emotionally draining. Sad to say they are rampant and the most miserable reality is, these bloody vultures often surround us.

Who are power trippers?
  • Obviously those who power trip
  • Too ambitious and aggressive to hold powers
  • Painfully insecure people who are severely insensitive and downright rude
  • Insecure people are those who did not know who they really are despite stellar achievement and success
  • Those who ridiculously assumed themselves they are superiors
  • As if they own you, insisting to follow their commands at all cost
  • As if people are at their mercy all the time
  • Those who love to show off themselves they are expert
  • Their ego is as huge as the planet Jupiter
  • They give orders rather than instructions
  • Those who never respected your preferences
  • Autocratic, demanding, irrational who never accept reasons
  • They often judged you with your shortcomings
  • They never give you freedom to work on what you want
  • Close minded people who felt their opinions are better than anybody else
  • Unimaginable bastard, arrogant, bully, rude, ruthless, who are overconfident with their abilities, stomping down on others.
Who are Emotional Vampires?
  • Same as power trippers, but they run havoc more on your emotional state.
  • They will drain you emotionally and want you to take part of their miseries
  • All you hear from them are complains and criticism.
  • They would never give way to your comfort, stacking you with things you are not comfortable doing.
  • They are insistent with their wants without respecting your choices and preferences.
  • Constantly dishing you with pressure

When you feel that your point is not heard accordingly and your freedom seems curtailed and you're being drag to do things you know would not take you anywhere, it's pointless to exert effort for defense, so a grim silence is necessary to save a little decency. I hate the treatment, I felt very suffocated and tortured.

One way or another I am on the verge of shouting "I RESENTED YOU", "YOU DID NOT OWN ME", "I HATE YOU!!" and "YOU ARE STUPID FOR RULING ME", but I am a civilized person and I don't want to go down to the level of a moron, so I held my tongue. 

And the best recourse to do is say nothing, keep my silence, avoid the presence, and lift my angst to God. 

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